Developed entirely in dotnet framework.

Business success depends on efficiency, productivity and communication.  People need to share information and ideas simply, reliably and in real time. 
with your team on tasks, projects, meetings, ideas or any office initiative easily and efficiently, at your Web Office
Cost Effective - Predictable and manageable costs; no capital investment; no software installation, compatibility issues or hardware upgrades.
Access - your documents, calendar, appointments, contacts, projects, account receivables/payables, customer details and more anywhere you have a browser and an Internet connection.
Integrated Suite -full featured business management suite, including
online accounting.
Lets' work together..
connects all of your company, employees or contractors, enabling access to information, corporate data, and supports efficient collaboration using standard business processes. You have your own Intranet without the need for an IT department or expensive administrators or computer server infrastructure. Unlike traditional systems Web Office can provide everyone within your organisation with online access real-time information anywhere, anytime. Web Office provides the virtual Office support for all your team members.
Video Overview
short 2-3 minute video overview of Web Office

No Software to Buy or Install

Get started instantly. 

  • There is no software to buy, install, or update
  • Access your secure company account from any Internet connection, using industry standard Internet Explorer
  • Access Your Company’s Data 24-hours a day, 365 days a year when you want it, from our secure data centre.

Web Office requires no upfront capital expenditures and can typically save you thousands of dollars per year.

Web Office helps you run your business, through:

  • Anywhere access. Unlike traditional business  software, Web Office allows secure access from any Internet-connected computer—at the office, at home,  in the airport lounge, or even on the road. Additionally Web Office support synchronisation of Contacts and Appointments with reminders  for offline PDA's or laptops, using industry standard vCard and vCalendar standards. Have the best of both worlds with VillageMall® Web Office
  • Networked Collaboration. Work online with  business partners, suppliers, customers in any number of different locations. Appropriately authorised persons may view and interact with the same real-time corporate data. 
  • A virtual IT department. VillageMall operates and maintains the infrastructure, allowing you to spend less time on computing activities and more on your core business.  There's no hardware to buy, no networks to build, no accounting software to install or tax tables to upgrade.
  • No application virus problems: as no VillageMall application software is required to run on your workstation, there is no software to infect your workstation. Should your workstation become infected from an external or internal source, your VillageMall business data is secured from infection from your workstation.  Simply fix your workstation, and continue with your business...
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office applications such as MSWord,  Excel, or Outlook. Web Office was developed using the  Microsoft dot net framework, hence there is seamless integration with your existing Microsoft Office applications, giving you the best of the online and offline worlds and protecting your investments. You can use Web Office to synchronise your desktop, or laptop computers, ensuring the latest information is always available.
  • You need more than accounting software to help run a modern business within an increasingly globally competitive economy. Web Office provides the complete suite of online business applications to suite small to medium size business owners.
  • Optional, Integrated Amazon S3 content storage.

Web Office is the way to run your business, which  increases responsiveness and simplifies access to people, information and processes. Web Office, as VillageMall's premier service delivers online collaboration for everyone in your workforce at worlds best practice pricing.