VillageMall Contact Management 

Sales force's are increasingly scattered across the country. How can your organisation best keep track of your customer contacts across the geographic and organisational boundaries which separate them? With VillageMall Web Office Solutions. Our contact management applications provide dynamic solutions to common contact management problems by improving your business processes.

Account and Contact Management
Simplify your daily tasks and free time for what you do best. Manage your customers better than your competitors by recording details of every relationship with prospects and customers.

  • Manage an unlimited number of contacts, maintain essential corporate information.
  • Filter on name, or  Type (Contact, Lead, Prospect, Partners, Queued Web Leads)
  • Search contacts based upon name or category
  • Sort Leads by probability of success.
  • Integrated SMS, and email client ( includes full log of all emails sent).
  • Displays contact local time ( including any daylight saving)
  • Link to Customer Accounts
  • Supports additional contact info, such as birthdays, spouse, secretary, contact interests etc.
  • Create contact appointments from within contact screen
  • Track Sales Partners (contact can also be linked to Customer accounts)
  • Record and view a complete history of all contact interactions, including faxes, emails, notes, and calls
  • Export, in industry standard vCard format,  your contact details to your PDA or local laptop.
  • Microsoft Outlook look and feel to reduce training requirements.

Lead Tracking and Opportunity Management
Close more sales and win new customers by effectively tracking all sales opportunities from lead to close.  

  • Use Web leads  to automatically enter website collected information ( including additional survey data) directly into your contacts. Entered leads are placed in a queue for  assignment to client managers. Leads awaiting assignment appear in desktop reminders.
  • Use the Opportunity Manager to assign an Opportunity for every new sales lead to ensure a high probability of success
  • Manage an entire pipeline of Opportunities from lead to close so you don't forget any lead or any sales step
  • Automatic calculation of Probability of  Success based on industry weightings

Activity and Task Scheduling
Stay on track with customers and prospects by tracking all contact related activities, including priority, type, and status.  

  • Quickly schedule and track activities related to contacts
  • Use inbuilt link to schedule an appointment with selected contact.
  • Create prioritised task lists

Information on Demand

Web-based solutions make information available as soon as it has been entered. Geography is no longer an issue. Web Office solutions make key project coordination and information available from anywhere at any time by letting you:

  • Provide corporate wide access to customer contacts from wherever work takes you - the client's office, an airport terminal, or anywhere on Earth
  • Sync with offline laptop or PDA calendar, reminders with alarms, and contact details. Your mobile workers are always up-to-date.
  • Share real-time customer activity date, to better service customers
  • Store and maintain contact information, as a corporate asset rather then in peoples heads or personal computers.