VillageMall Project Management 

Workers are increasingly organised into project teams that are scattered across the globe. How can your organisation best keep track of these teams and their projects across the geographic and organisational boundaries which separate them? With VillageMall Web Office Solutions. Our fully integrated workforce management applications provide dynamic solutions to common project management problems by improving your business processes.

Control Costs & Increase Profits

Don't let your projects spin out of control and over budget. Monitor accruing expenses and catch budget overruns before they happen by comparing budgets to actuals. Web Office solutions allow you to:

  • View all current expenses as soon as they are entered
  • Track and report costs by projects
  • Attach task specific costs based upon flexible billing methods
  • Easy tasks, add tasks based upon previous project task template

Stay on Schedule

Do your customer payments hinge on timely completion of projects? If so, access to real-time project status is a must. Resource management and allocation to specific projects  is also necessary in order to manage multiple projects successfully. Web Office solutions can help you:

  • Monitor project status and project milestones
  • Coordinate and track project documentation ( including revisions)  using Web Doc.
  • Communicate with team members with Project based Messaging.

Information on Demand

Web-based solutions make information available as soon as it has been entered. Geography is no longer an issue. Web Office solutions make key project coordination and information available from anywhere at any time by letting you:

  • Enter and track time from wherever work takes you - the client's office, an airport terminal, or anywhere on Earth
  • Track  data accurately with project & task descriptions
  • Collect all project-related data in a single application

Feature Summary

Multiple Project Management
Allows managing an unlimited number of projects within an organization. VillageMall also supports Project templates to help in creating new projects.
Multiple User Management
Each user can be assigned to one or more projects. Each task within a project is assigned to a specific user, member of the project. All users can consult and make changes to tasks in their project simultaneously and effortlessly. Assigned tasks appear within timesheets for automatic tracking and reporting.
Project Statistics and Reports
Real-time statistics and reports are available for the business leader, the project manager and the team member.
  • Track overall progress
  • Track time spent in each area and % complete
  • Gantt Display 
Gantt Chart
Gantt charts are a project planning tool used to represent the timing of tasks required to complete a project. Because Gantt charts are simple to understand, they are used by most project managers to illustrate completion or progress
Calendar, Appointments, To-Do lists
The calendar keeps track of those important project activities, while the Appointments module can schedule project or client meeting. A complete view of all project activities is available to all project members.
Employee Time Sheet Tracking and Approval
Every user fills out his/her time sheet on a weekly basis. When time sheet are completed,  they automatically become  available for project managers (or client)  approval. Project Managers can also or reject time sheets, and expenses.
Security and Access Rights
VillageMall  offers role based access controls to ensure that people only have access to those functions required. 
Totally secure messaging, send messages to a specific user or a whole project team, know when you have new messages waiting, know when others read your messages.