Customer Acquisition Management Overview 
Sales and Marketing departments are under increasing pressure to create cost and process efficiencies. Two of the most visible products today that address efficiencies in the sales and marketing transaction are SFA (sales force automation) and CRM (customer relationship management), but they are simply part of the picture.

Examining the relationship between Customer Acquisition Management, SFA, and CRM is a great way to understand Customer Acquisition Management.

The typical sales process in simplified terms, as follows:

Step Action Web Office Module
1 You create your marketing Campaign Management
2 You execute your Campaign
3 A prospect responds Customer Acquisition Management
4 The inquiry is captured
5 The inquiry is screened and qualified
6 The lead is ranked or prioritised
7 The lead is distributed to the correct sales channel, for  assignment to a sales representative
8 Sales makes contact Sales Force Automation
9 Sales reports results
10 Prospect is converted to a Customer, and sale fulfilled.
11 Sale fulfilled Web Office Accounting
12 Results are analysed based on source, etc. for marketing decisions Campaign Management
13 All Customer related activities tracked Customer Relationship Management

Full service Customer Acquisition Management is the missing link, the vital business function that harnesses marketing energy, turns more prospects into customers, and turns inquirer information into marketing intelligence.


  • Online lead capture, from your website
  • Assignment to a sales representative
  • Support for Lead, Prospect, Customers
  • Work flow support for automatic progression between types.
  • Tracks prospect state.
  • Industry weightings for each prospect state.
  • Calculation and display of probability of sale.
  • Opportunity Management, including sales pipeline
  • Assign customers  to sales or territory partners
  • Track and calculate employee or partner Sales Commissions.


Online lead Capture
Capture leads directly from your Web site into VillageMall leads, using our Industry standard Web Service API.
Joint opportunity management
Partners have a complete view into all leads, prospects or contacts which are assigned to them.
Coordinate activity between your organisation and the partner channel with shared access to the customer activities and more.
Integrated Sales Contact Tracking
Track each of your customer's past activities, follow-up activities, calendar events, appointments, account detail, lead sources, opportunity detail, service calls, and more.
Close more deals.
Complete visibility into your sales process enables each member of your sales team to know precisely what the others are working on, so they can collaborate to transform leads through sales prospects into profitable customers. Teams across your organization can effectively work together to close accounts by scheduling events, assigning tasks, coordinating meetings, flagging new opportunities, and updating client account information.
Seize all sales opportunities.
Because every lead is immediately recorded, and tracked through the pipeline in real time, no opportunity is missed, and no competitive challenge goes unnoticed.
Enable collaborative and consistent customer management.
Real-time, company-wide access to detailed account data enables you to facilitate collaboration between sales, customer service & support, and marketing personnel.
Online lead Capture
Capture leads directly from your Web site into VillageMall leads, using our Industry standard Web Service API. Automatically send a personalised response which is tailored based on information supplied by the customer.
Easily import leads from offline sources such as trade shows, seminars, and direct mail, eliminating manual data entry.

VillageMall®  provides real-time reporting of current sales by customer or partner, thereby ensuring complete control over the sales process.