Campaign Management
A powerful, complete campaign management solution, Web Office Campaign Management delivers the vital marketing functionality needed to turn your ideas into reality—easily, quickly and cost-effectively. Reducing the complexity of campaign administration and providing the actionable insight to track impact, Campaign Management maximises your marketing spend and helps deliver revenue to your organisation.

Advanced Segmentation
The more you know about your customers, the better you can target and personalise your marketing campaigns and create meaningful communications that resonate. Develop segmented lists customised to your unique marketing requirements using our unique ad-hoc membership generator tool.

Measure Impact
Quantify marketing impact and fully understand program effectiveness using real-time campaign data. Measure and track the success of every campaign, from marketing execution to sales close, with pre-built standardised reports.

Complete Interaction History
As part of a complete on demand sales solution, our marketing Campaign module offers a customer-centric approach by leveraging sales, service and marketing data. Your marketing organisation gains a greater understanding of customers and contacts and can build an intelligent marketing organisation. With real-time insight into complete customer information, your team can communicate proactively, target effectively and execute meaningful marketing campaigns.


  • Easy to setup, and execute Campaigns
  • Create segmented customer lists
  • Fully integrated as part of an overall sales solution
  • Export Campaign membership details to MS Office applications for advertising/email campaign execution
  • Track progress of each campaign member
  • Integrated member Opportunity management


  • Drive revenue opportunities with powerful multi-channel campaigns
  • Maximize marketing dollars
  • Easily turn ideas into reality
  • Accurately measure marketing effectiveness
  • Reduce complexity of campaign management
  • Target effectively
  • Optimize every customer and contact relationship

Web Office accounting provides real-time reporting of current sales by customer or partner, thereby ensuring complete control over the sales process.

Campaign Details

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Campaign Membership

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Campaign Opportunity