Case Management

Meeting today's customer service challenges head-on

A company's reputation is only as good as its last customer interaction. That's the reality in which companies operate today - customer satisfaction is hard to win, but easy to lose. Support representatives have views into customer purchase histories, meaning they no longer have to track down information such as support entitlement, outstanding invoices, shipment statuses, and contracts in separate applications. And with VillageMall's Customer Centre, you can offer customers 24x7 online self-service to increase customer satisfaction and boost customer loyalty.

To keep your customers, you need an fully integrated customer case management solution like Web Office-Case Manager.
  • Case Management and Routing: Case Manager lets you create, manage and resolve customer support cases more easily by automatically tracking all customer interactions. Online trouble tickets from integrated customer self service centre  will automatically generate cases which can be assigned to a customer support representative.
  • Case Escalation:  Responding in a timely, effective manner is critical to the success of your organisation. To meet and exceed customer expectations you need to be able to escalate to higher levels of support and management on cases that are not resolved in a timely manner.
  • Complete Customer View: With views into complete customer records, you  no longer have to waste time tracking contracts, order statuses, or payment issues from accounting, warehouse or sales departments. Instead, all the information is at their fingertips.
  • Knowledge Management: Armed with a complete knowledge base of answers to frequently asked questions, or solutions to customer cases, customer service agents can now respond faster to customer issues and provide them access to this information. additionally new customer support personal can also ramp up more quickly on new issues. As a result, your company can support more customers with fewer costly resources. The knowledge base can also be published within the Customer self service- helpdesk.
  • Customer Centre and Self-Service: With 24/7 access to their complete history—and the status of purchases, payments, timesheets and support issues—customers can quickly retrieve information they need. The Customer Centre also allows them to make payments, submit issues, track shipments and search the online knowledge base.
  • ISO 9000 support: Helps organisations in meeting their ISO 9002 problem management procedures

Best of all, you can start using Web Office now!