Creating and maintaining a
Relationship with your Customers.
Today more than ever, transforming your business into a customer-centric enterprise is essential to driving revenue and profit. But to make your customer-centric vision a reality, you'll need to orchestrate your customer interactions across and beyond the Company.

Its all about People
In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, customer loyalty is a key element of business success. Businesses looking to increase profitability must focus on increasing customer satisfaction and retention while reducing unnecessary expenses.

The challenge lies in building and retaining customer loyalty in the modern economy, where shopping around has never been so fast and easy. The Internet allows companies to keep customers’ more informed, resulting in increased expectation levels, making it far more difficult to keep them loyal. The Internet, and other dramatic technological breakthroughs have created opportunities for small and mid-market businesses to reach out to those same prospects. Companies today must find creative ways to increase customer satisfaction, and the value of the relationship they provide to the client without increasing costs.

VillageMall CRM, part of the Web Office suite of end-to-end e-business management solutions, makes information easily accessible to the people who need it when they need it. Web Office CRM ensures that customers will have a personalised, consistent, and satisfying experience in every contact they have with the company-regardless of where they touch the company or what means of communication they use.

The result is increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and dramatic increases in organisational efficiency, resulting in higher revenues and lower costs.


  • More satisfied clients;
  • New and existing customers relations is under better control;
  • Improve customer support while controlling costs;
  • Customer support staff is more productive;
  • Sales staff better focused with sales force automation support;
  • Track customer contacts, and correspondence;
  • Creating a single integrated source for all customer support inquiries;


  • Contact Management, with prospect, lead, contact types
  • Contact and customer activity Management, including employee assignment.
  • *Sale force Automation, lead, prospect processing with inbuilt probability of success tracking.
  • Task management, with assignment, priority, status
  • Case Management, priority, assignment, history, escalation
  • Customer billing and invoicing
  • Payment management
  • Credit management
  • Account Management
  • Desktop displays  currently assigned appointments, prospects, and activities.
  • Industry lowest per user fees of $10 per month.

Only Web Office CRM

  • Supports customer-related processes from end to end -- Orchestrates all customer-related tasks, seamlessly incorporating activities such as fulfilment, shipping, invoicing, and accounts receivable;
  • Provides customer intelligence across the Company -- Brings together all relevant sources of customer data for faster and better decision making; and
  • Delivers immediate value -- Enables you to address strategic priorities first, accomplish business objectives quickly, and expand your solution incrementally -- realising a tangible ROI at each step.

Act Immediately and Grow -- Without Disruption