Human Resource Information Management 

People are the foundation upon which companies are built, management of your human resource is critical to all business operators.
  • Organisational Chart (built in real-time)
  • Employee Information, including payroll, leave etc
  • Job/Position descriptions with employee assignments
  • Benefits and deductions, attendance records
  • Employee contract details
  • Employment history
  • Occupational health and safety: record and track incidents
  • Employee events: record  performance, salary reviews etc
  • Disciplinary records: record warnings written or verbal, or disciplinary actions.
  • Allergies: record work related employee allergies
  • Storage and distribution of HR Policies and Procedures including revisions
  • Role based access controls, ensure protection of sensitive employee information
  • Fully integrated with standard business work flows, not a bolt-on or stand alone solution.

Help meet legal requirements

  • It is a legal requirement under most Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare legislation and also an insurance requirement to report all work-related injuries. Use OH&S incidents to record and track work related OH&S incidents against your procedures.
  • Under Australian industrial legislation all workplaces should have in place documented employee counselling/discipline procedures. Use Discipline Records to record and track disciplinary events, against your procedures.
  • Work Choices record keeping requirements (March 2007).

Employee Self Service

  • view and update personal information
  • view payroll, superannuation payments, online group certificates
  • check sick and vacation balances

By empowering employees to manage and maintain their own personal data, Employee Self-Service improves the quality of employee information and decreases the data entry workload for HR staff.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

With Employee Self-Service, errors are virtually eradicated from the payroll direct banking and deductions, tax deduction change process, significantly improving employee satisfaction by providing employees assurance that their records are accurate and up to date.

HR Administrative Efficiency

Employee Self-Service automates an HR department by providing quick access to HR information 24 hours a day. It also allows employees to manage and maintain their own personal data, eliminating the need for HR staff to key in the data. The result is a reduction in errors, a wider variety of benefit options and a renewed focus of HR personnel to concentrate on high-value strategic issues for the company.

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