Web Cabinet 

According to The Association of Information Professionals, a four drawer file cabinet:
  • Holds 15-20,000 pages;
  • Costs $25,000.00 to fill; and
  • Costs $2,000.00 per year to maintain...

To effectively and professionally communicate both internally and externally with customers, your teams need to collaboratively manage the content that drives business operations. The smooth, efficient flow of business documentation is the lifeblood of any successful company.  Email is increasingly used for corporate communications, yet where are they stored ?, will they be available in a years time?. Web Cabinet stores and retrieves your emails like any other corporate information.

The traditional paper seal The electronic "seal"
While it is easy to see if a handwritten document has been tampered with, this is not the case with electronic documents. The rapid replacement of traditionally paper-based processes such as tax filing, applications for loans or mortgages and the sharing of legal statements or clinical records has created the need for the production of tamper-evident, trustworthy digital originals which can maintain their evidentiary value over long periods of time. VillageMall provides a full integrated document sealing service to all it's Web Cabinet customers.

Store, retrieve and Manage your Corporate Information
Web Cabinet is much more than a simple filing system, as it provides provides a web-based, online Electronic Document and Records Management System for your whole Organisation. Web Cabinet is a simple to use, yet complete solution for your document storage, management and retrieval. Every document has a Digital Signature attached to ensure its long term integrity. Web Cabinet helps make the "paperless office" a reality, with a unified repository for all common content types.


  • One-stop shop for corporate information: a centralised repository of all your business information including correspondence (even emails), marketing collateral, HR manuals, presentations, sales tools, customer support materials, and more. With Web Cabinet, all your staff can easily find the most up-to-date versions which they require for their duties, using our inbuilt revision, and access controls.
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world: Imagine the power of an always up-to-date document repository that's available anytime, anywhere. Corporate information is no longer trapped in corporate servers or on mobile laptops, the latest versions are securely accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Find what you are looking for anytime, every time: With organisational tools like customisable document dictionaries, and standardised record management search capabilities, users can easily and quickly pinpoint and download the precise documents they need.
  • Meet regulatory requirements: Calculates and stores an associated Digital Signature to detect deterioration, corruption, or any changes to stored document.
  • Document Sealing: provides the ability to establish an auditable record of a document’s authenticity and to securely bind the document in time with a certified digital timestamp.


Supports any document or image format
Cabinet architecture accepts any document or content format which can be serialised. This format independence is essential to meet the wide variety of document and record formats used within typical applications. You may also store email messages, which increasingly contain corporate or legal information.
Optional Cloud content storage
While all meta data is stored within Web Office, you may select to store the actual content within Amazon S3 cloud storage. This provides an alternative to our content storage charges. All fees and appropriate service selection are the responsibility of the client, VillageMall only provides the integrated AWS interface for interaction with Amazon S3 service. Subscribers with excess of 200 megabytes of document storage will be required to use this service, as this exceeds our reasonable use policy.
In-line Document Viewer
Allows document to be viewed on the clients workstation using a normal Internet Browser. Document viewers are automatically launched as required.  If a inbuilt document viewer is not available on the client workstation, then the document is downloaded for off-line viewing.
Document Dictionaries
Allows document to be categorised by workflow.

Role and Group based access control.
Cabinet can support a flexible set of security services to match the risks associated with each document usage. A set of access privileges (view only, change, update, add)  and group membership is assigned to each user. Each document must  also be assigned to access groups. Web Cabinet also keeps an audit of document viewings by user.
Document Security
Cabinet supports role based access controls, individual audits and a secure mode for all downloads. Secure mode encrypts the document for transmission between VillageMall servers and your local workstation, where ever that may be.  All documents are stored within your company database, there is never any document content stored on the hosting web server file system, like some products on the market.
Document Versions
Cabinet is not limited to normal file system hierarchical relationships, as all documents are stored within our relational database. Hence Web Cabinet supports the creation of  arbitrary relationships between your documents, to support your business processes. Web Cabinet includes two predefined relationships document version  relationship, to track document revisions, and parent relationship. The inbuilt search facilities allow you to quickly find and assign relationships. Each document may have one or more relationships defined..
Cabinet supports audits of all document views/downloads. 
Document Attributes/Searching
Cabinet provides a set of standardised methods to store and retrieve your corporate information. Support is optionally provided for incoming and outgoing document registration.


Document Sealing
This sealing service enhances the document digital signature which ensures the document has not been altered or damaged, as required by organisations such as the ATO, by the application of a VillageMall generated XML digital signature which includes an auditable time stamp and integrity check to the original document content.
Australian Tax Office Registered
Cabinet is registered with the Australian Tax Office for “Storage of Paper Records in Electronic Form

Registration covers:
"Paper records that can be imaged and stored include:
  • invoices, purchase orders, receipts, vouchers, credit notes, delivery dockets, etc.;
  • bank statements and other bank records and documents; and
  • any other paper source documents produced or received in the course of carrying on a business.

Original paper records that have been imaged onto an approved electronic storage medium need not be retained for the purposes of the Taxation Act.