Product Comparisons
To date we have not found any product with the same extensive feature set as our Web Office® Business Solution.
A product comparison for our Web Office-Accounting (Web Ledger) service is available here.

The following are selected comparisons which are of interest to our customers:

Sales Force (CRM Application); SAP Business One.

Sales Force.Com* SAP BUSINESS ONE**
Fully integrated
Suite of Business Management Applications.
Suitable for sole traders though to revenue of $30 million.
Dedicated CRM Application Integrated applications suitable for companies with revenue of $5 million to $100 million.
Country of Origin    
Australia USA Israel
On-demand service On-demand service Originally a win 95 desktop application, now a Win XP Desktop application..
Sales Force Automation Sales Force Automation Sales force Automation
  • Service Orders
  • Help desk
  • Knowledge base
Customer Service and Support Impressive service management system that includes dispatching, contract management, warranty tracking, knowledge management
  • Campaign Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Customer Acquisition Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
Marketing Automation CRM
Full features reporting,
including integrated accounting reports, commissions etc
Customer Analysis Full featured reporting
Full featured records management system Simple document filing None
Fully integrated suite of Business Applications
Custom Applications Accounting focused, with specialist distribution and manufacturing support
Full featured, fully integrated Accounting No Yes
Project Management No No
HR and Payroll (i.e. pay your employees) No No
Yes No No
Australian Tax Office Registered    
Yes No No
From A$10/user/month From US$65/user/month The list price for SAP Business One $4,250 per user
Service Level Agreement    
Yes No na
Zero client software Download required for some functions Client software installation required
Automatic Updates Yes No
Zero cost setup, same day out-of-box usage. na SAP claims it takes 25 days on average for implementation; the average cost of an implementation, including licence and services, will be between $50,000 and $75,000
Sales order processing, invoicing, Human Resource Management, Payroll, ISO 9001 Case Management etc.... There are simply too many Web Office features to list; visit our Web Office here. No financial management No HR or Australian Payroll.
Requires MS Outlook for contact management

 * extracted from their website
**extracted from "Test Drive"  by
By Michael Burns
na -not publicly available

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