Broker Investment Portfolio System
Web Portfolio delivers a scalable solution to your clients, and their advisors; to manage and provide online portfolio reporting. Your clients have 24x7 internet access to their portfolio. Inbuilt access controls allow you to customise what the clients can access, providing you will total control.

Web Portfolio caters for tax, valuation and performance reporting of all investment types (equities, managed funds, real property, fixed interest, Exchange Traded Options etc.). Includes real-time online access to your clients CMT account, plus access to their trading account, providing a total Investment position.

Includes full compliance tracking of investment strategy against total portfolio position, based upon latest available close of day price feeds. A single page report identifies any non compliance issues enabling timely correcting actions.

Offer clients:

  • your own "white-label" portfolio service
  • Much.. much.. more than simply combining trading with a bank account.!
  • Complete on-line platform for trading, advisors, and clients.
  • No percentage based fees, just annual fixed price fee.
  • Offer Managed Discretionary Account services to clients
  • Contact VillageMall today about how you can offer a best practice solution at a truly unbeatable price using VillageMall's unique Web Portfolio platform.

Individual Managed Accounts (IMA)
For brokers with appropriate AFSL, offer a managed investment service. Due to our low platform fees, IMA's which traditionally were only available to SMSF's with ~$5 to $10M of funds under investment, can now be offered for as little as $500,000. IMA's unlike managed funds have full transparency, and no ownership issues; something most investors have realised, the hard way, is very important in the current climate. All members have on-line access to their IMA portfolio investments.

White Label Service
Provide your clients a "white label" Web Superfund service, via our Dedicated Host, On-site or Villagemall Node Service*. This is not a "display your your icon" type service, but a fully integrated solution within your own internet domain.

Web Portfolio the Australian Portfolio solution for Professional Broking organisations.

VillageMall is a private Australian company, which develops Enterprise on-demand solutions. VillageMall has no financial afflictions or equity investments from any financial organisation or group. You are dealing directly with the people who own, develop and support these services.

To learn more about the how we can assist you:

Notes:  1. Via Lite->Client or Lite->Advisor service, contact VillageMall for full details
          * This service requires a minimum of 1000 Web Portfolio Licence.

Enterprise SMSF service
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