Modelling and Rebalancing System

  Web Portfolio- has an optional set of portfolio manufacturing  capabilities to allow portfolio advisors or operators to perform portfolio adjustments 'at the click of a button', across multiple Web Portfolio's. Portfolio management applications that generally take many hours (if not days) of complex, time-consuming effort can now be performed automatically allowing for your pre-defined rules, preferences and constraints.

By streamlining the portfolio manufacturing process via online interfaces to external Investment manager models, and allowing automated rebalancing procedures to be performed 'at the click of a button', Web Portfolio can save you considerable time, effort and cost in performing portfolio reviews.

Web Portfolio delivers a scalable solution for advisory firms to manage and provide online portfolio reporting. Your clients have 24x7 internet access to their portfolio. Inbuilt access controls allow you to customise what the clients may access, providing you will total control.

Web Portfolio caters for tax, valuation and performance reporting of all investment types (equities, managed funds, real property, fixed interest, Exchange Traded Options, margin loan accounts etc.). Includes real-time online access to your clients CMT account, allowing you to provide a total Investment position on a daily basis.

Web Portfolio overcomes the traditional high labour, difficult and manual processes often associated with mass tailored portfolio management and therefore brings offers new thinking in the next generation of custom-tailored portfolio management.

Web Portfolio is a complete web-based application to support the manufacturing of portfolio products and services.

Ask about our enterprise, multi-account, portfolio manufacturing service.

Includes full compliance tracking of codified Statement Of Advice, against current portfolio position, using current end of day price feeds. A single page report identifies any non compliance issues enabling timely correcting actions.

  • Supports on-line interface to model portfolio (mandate) providers.
  • Apply model portfolio's across multiple Web Portfolio's
  • Direct-to-market ASX ordering system interface
  • Bulking of orders across multi-portfolios, while still retaining 'direct' client ownership.
  • Online interfaces to major third party ASX clearers for settlement and custody services
  • Provide full transparency to your clients, with online, portfolio valuations, realised and unrealised capital gains and much more..
  • Integrated investment strategy (from your SOA), and compliance tracking/reporting
  • Support for all investment types, property, managed funds, direct shares, ETO's, margin loans and fixed interest.
  • Protect existing client, partner relationships; VillageMal is a Enterprise Software supplier, not a provider of financial services
  • Optional commissioning report, based upon daily portfolio holdings with separate cash component.

White Label Service
Provide your clients a "white label" Web Portfolio service, via our Dedicated Host, On-site or Villagemall Node Service*.

Web Portfolio the Australian Portfolio solution for Professional Advisors..

VillageMall is a private Australian company, which develops next generation Enterprise on-demand solutions. VillageMall has no financial afflictions or equity investments from any financial organisation or group. You are dealing directly with the people who own, develop and support these services.

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Notes: * This service requires a minimum of 1000 Web Web Portfolio Licences.

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