Our online Web Portfolio administration service, eliminates the need to wait for a statement to check  client valuations, or sort through the shoebox of dividend and corporate action notifications. By keeping all the information about a clients investments on one online system, the client, advisor and brokers is able to review and analyse a portfolio at any time.


  • Paperless working, with daily (overnight) portfolio processing.
  • A dramatic reduction in operating and processing costs
  • As an online service, no hardware or software upgrades
  • Complete portfolio management for day-to-day management and operation of client investments.
  • The CGT optimisation process occurs during every update of the portfolio taking into account any new information that has been added to the portfolio since the previous update.
  • Secure online access to your investments across multiple trading accounts and multiple brokers, anywhere anytime.
  • Provide secure online access to advisors, accountants, no more file transfers or having no access to client investment information.

Standard Accounting

  • Uniquely, Web Portfolio is built upon our proven Web Ledger enterprise accounting engine, with standardised chart-of-accounts; allowing normal financial Profit and Loss reports to provide full financial details, rather than typical proprietary processes of existing software products. This  removes the need for auditors and accountants to learn special Portfolio processes. Any qualified accountant can use Web Portfolio.


  • Fully integrated Investment Strategy, with daily compliance reporting.
  • Includes Sample Investment Strategy.
  • Integrated Document filing (broker or chess certificates, dividends, distributions, etc) linked to each transaction for ease of use and online auditing.
  • Full set of financial reports including Balance Sheet, Income Statements to latest AASB standards.

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