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  Broker Portfolio Service (BPS)
An on-line, zero data entry, portfolio and investment reporting solution for ASX Participants, Interactive Brokers, their AFSL Brokers/Dealer groups, Advisors and Clients.

Your Client Investments On-line..
from $45 per Account per Year!

Less than a cup of coffee per month..

Service Features

  • Instant provisioning by Broker, no external or advisor setup required.
  • Compliant portfolio and tax reporting to meet Corporations Act, and ASIC requirements.
  • Each portfolio, is valued, and reconciled daily.
  • Portfolio includes current holdings, market price, value, and cost price6; for all ASX listed equities, ETF's and Exchange Traded Options associated with their broker trading accounts.
  • Single-Sign-On account, with access to multiple trading accounts per client (private client, margin, DVP etc).
  • Single-Sign-On account, with access to multiple brokers/Clearers: BBY, Berndale, Pershing, IB, E*Trade.
  • Portfolio supports2 ASX listed equities, ETO's, ETF's, plus overseas securities, options, futures, future options, bonds, CFD's, and Forex.
  • Multi-currency2 support (currently up to sixteen global currencies).
  • Portfolio includes cash holdings, and transactions within any linked bank account.
  • Current price portfolio revaluation3, and percentage change since last End of day price, is available for all ASX equities within the portfolio.
  • Holdings are updated with all "i.e. 100%", corporate actions, and trading activities associated with your broker account.
  • Support for Dividend re-investment plan processing and reporting6.
  • Calculates realised gain at time of "closing" position (including short equity sales).
  • Calculates estimated dividends at ex-date, using chess holdings.
  • Calculates current year, dividend income, and franking credits associated with your portfolio, where online chess holdings6 are available.
  • Reports daily margin requirements  for Option accounts6.
  • Equity Tax Lot reporting.
  • Short sales processing.
  • Online access to linked bank Bank account transactions and daily balances.
  • Online access to client contract notes, including the ability to print or save a local copy.
  • Nightly processing of all trades associated with your trading account.
  • Export your portfolio, contract notes, and  bank transactions, in excel format, for your local processing and custom reporting.
  • Optional Integrate our SMSF service ( from as low as $20/fund per year) for an end of year compliance reporting and ATO registered tax return*.
  • Optional Client, fees, commissions, percentage of FUM, allocated to Advisor and/or intermediary or AFSL Broker;
  • Optional, automated Daily emailed Client Investment Report;
  • The latest, world best practice, data security techniques protect all information;
  • Client access available online 24*7;
  • Daily Client Investment Reporting, and Accountant "Year End Tax Report";
  • Optional, Industry standard Open Financial eXchange (OFX) year end tax report export, feed directly into commercial accounting packages, without re-key.

IB->BPS Features

BPS when linked to an IB account, provides the following advantages over using IB provided reports:

Australian Investors

  • Australia Financial period reporting
    It is impossible for IB to produce a report for an Australian financial year. IB reports cannot select an Australian financial year 1st July to 30th June, due to only USA dates being available for selection. The IB financial year is locked to USA date ranges 1st Jan to 31st Dec.
  • IB report dates are only available in USA EST.
    All dates within IB reports are not applicable to Australian Time Zone required for Australian reporting periods, hence even if one could select Australian date ranges, the report contents would still be wrong, as it would include trades up to 2 PM  on the 1st of July for a range end on the 30th June EST.
  • End of Financial Year
    IB reports, do not consider the 30th June, is an end of financial year. Transactions processed after 4:20 PM EST, are reported in the next financial year i.e 1st July, when they need to be in the current financial year report. IB only reports on USA end of financial year, if you run a financial year report you will get 1st Jan to 31 December period.
  • Australian Tax
    IB reports are setup for only USA tax reporting, Australian capital gains regulations are different to the USA, typically IB will overstate actual capital gains, plus some reporting entities must declare some types of gains as income rather than as capital gains. BSP provides the data to support various Australian tax entity reporting.
  • FxTranslation amounts
    IB FxTranslation values, are often incorrect, and keep changing ( i.e. a report run on the 1st July and another ran on the 7th of July will often have different FXTranslation values for same 30th June report date) , this produces incorrect 30th June NAV positions, and hence incorrect end of year "change in valuation" amounts within financial reports.
  • Bank Statements
    Australian auditors, especially when the investor is an SMSF, require bank or cash statements in compliance with Australian standards. IB does not provide a Cash/Bank statement.
  • Excessive manual rework of IB reports by Australian Accountants
    A typical trader may be charged in excess of $1600 for reworking IB reports to meet Australian tax reporting requirements. Some accountants will even charge on  per per IB transaction, fees of $3000 are not uncommon. In many case the IB reports do not provide sufficient data to allow an accountant to manually rework IB reports.
  • SMSF Audits
    Australian SMSF's which use IB for trading must be audited each year as part of their tax return. IB reports are not audited, and hence the transactions must be audited, by a licensed SMSF auditor against the SIS Act. The reports produced by IB do not contain sufficient information to allow an auditor to complete an SMSF audit. In most cases an accountant must re-process all IB transactions, in order to meet SMSF audit work paper requirements. This can typically double the cost of an SMSF audit, if IB is used, when compared to an ASX participant.

All of the above issues are resolved with out IB->BPS reporting and tax service.

United Kingdom Investors

  • Brokers, Investment Managers, please contact us for service availability.

Advisor Features

  • All Advisor access accounts are FREE!
  • On-line daily access to client Investments as above;
  • View Client, daily FUM, bank account balances, option long and short positions etc;
  • Multi-portfolio search- Advisors can search across all their clients holdings for accounts with a current holding of a specified security;
  • View "Know your Client" individual data, with live vCard export into Office, Outlook, or most mobile phones.
  • View all clients with options expiring within the current month, including in-the-money, out-of-the money, on-the-money calculations;
  • View option Daily Margin Requirements for all your clients;
  • View Collateral Holdings, and Utilisation for all your clients;
  • View client dividend re-investment plan, and affected holding changes;
  • Corporate action Alert service6 filtered by your client holdings; and
  • Optional features6
    • Enable advisers to place, track and manage their own orders;
    • Real time CMT balances;
    • Ensure your compliance with FSRA and industry regulations:
      • Record of Advice (ROA) entry/history;
      • Statement of Advice (SOA, SOAA) filing; and
      • Know your client individual data.
    • Bulk emailed "Client Investment and Tax report"7 including year to date performance and all corporate actions executed on the client portfolio.

AFSL Broker, Dealer Group - Corporate Features

  • Centralised client database;
  • Custom Broker Groups, and sub advisors to better manage client access;
  • Daily summary of all Advisors total cash, stocks, options, dividends, fees etc;
  • Daily summary of all Clients total cash, stocks, options, dividends, fees etc;
  • Excel export, of client summary data, for offline daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly reporting purposes;
  • Corporations Act and ASIC compliant daily client reporting, available online to all subscribed clients;
  • Custom client reporting, using a range of selection criteria;
  • Accurately target clients to maximise revenue potential. Create and export client lists for direct marketing campaigns;
  • Optional, daily emailed Client Investment Report.

Broker Enhanced Service Options2

  • Real-time portfolio re-valuations
  • Market data
    • Market Overview
    • Market Activity
    • Charts
    • Topical intra-day charts (AUD/USD, Gold, etc).
    • Security Information
    • Real-time quote, market depth, and course of sales
  • Advisor, integrated on-line Trading
    • Trading room (buy/sell)
    • Order Status
    • Traded orders
    • Trading account Ledger
  • Client, integrated on-line Trading
    • Trading room (buy/sell)
    • Order Status
    • Traded orders
    • Trading account Ledger
  • Broker/Dealer Group/Intermediary: Back Office services5
    • Group, Client/Advisor management
    • BPS->Advisor, provides online access to advisors for their linked BPS accounts.
    • Daily client Cash, FUM calculations
    • Daily advisor total Cash, FUM calculations
    • ability to identify and tag dormant accounts
    • real-time, online service provisioning of BPS, full portfolio, SMSF, and MDA services (subject to broker approval).
    • Corporate reporting, of daily client summaries across all all client accounts.
    • "AFSL Broker" integrated reporting, and management solution, across multiple brokers/clearing and MDA accounts via (BSL, Perishing, Interactive Brokers, and any GBST shares systems)
    • Single sign on client access account, access across multiple brokers/Clearing, i.e. client sees a fully integrated solution set, rather than a set of disparate access and reporting solutions, via a their own access account.

Portfolio Management

  • Daily calculated portfolio position, across a wide range of Australian and International security types and currencies;
  • Electronic Contract Note processing
  • Daily chess, issuer and sponsored holdings
  • Daily Corporate action6 Alert service
  • Holdings updated with corporate actions6
  • Dividend income, and audited DRP holding adjustments
  • Realised and Unrealised Gains
  • Performance reporting, and benchmarking
  • End of Year Tax Pack reporting
  • lights out, fully automated portfolio administration
  • supported by your Broker, one stop solution.

SMSF Admin Features

  • the first and only truly zero admin service (BPS is a read-only service, no manual changes can be made, so yes this is 100% fully automated).
  • calculated daily accrual accounting reports
  • calculates year end cash/tax affect accounting for SMSF service
  • AASB 1121 FX translation compliance from 16 foreign currencies to $AUD for ATO tax return, you and the SMSF trustees will never see or worry about foreign currencies, or overseas taxation
  • 100% integrated into our SMSF service, like above zero data entry is required..
  • Allows daily fully integrated SMSF portfolio display to client via integrated BPS service.

* As a wholesale software developer, VillageMall does NOT provide SMSF administration services,  we can introduce you to specialist SMSF administration forms who are qualified to use our BPS->SMSF sevrice.

Service Availability

  • This is a wholesale only service, which allows ASX Participants to provide enhanced, online Investment portfolio services to their AFSL Brokers, dealer groups, advisors and clients.
  • Available to ASX participants1, and their Intermediaries
  • Broker Portfolio Service (BPS), priced from an unbeatable $455,10/subaccount/year.
  • Instant provisioning, from online broker data.
  • Broker advises Client, of portfolio access details, maintaining broker, intermediary, client relationships.
  • Support for latest versions of IE, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers; access via iPhone, IPad and other modern mobile devices which support these browsers.

White Labeling

  • Our service may be hosted within your own internet domain name; and
  • Offer Brown labeling, (their own logo's) to your dealer groups/Intermediaries/AFSL Brokers.
Video Overview
short 2-3 minute video overview of Broker Portfolio Service
Video My Market
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1. Service is limited to ASX participants who self clear, or clear though one of our supported  "ASX Clearing brokers" or Intermediaries who clear though an existing broker which VillageMall has available daily data feeds. Please contact VillageMall or one of our partners for details.
2. Services based upon broker access account, and passed though to client. Services offerings are determined by broker. Please contact your broker for details of their available services.
3. asset categories dependent on trading and clearing broker, and client trading authorisations this list applies when Interactive Broker (IB) is the clearing broker.
4. 20 minute delayed re-pricing, unless your broker provides optional ASX real-time pricing.
5. Wholesale pricing comprises a processing/broker access fee of $1/account/year for all accounts within data feed, plus from $44 per provisioned BPS service.
Total cost of a provisioned BPS account is $1 + $44 = $45 for minimum of 50 new accounts per month.
Should the total number of new clients per month fall below 50 then the price is $1 + $89 = $90 per provisioned BPS service.
IB Based BPS
For BPS supported via IB, a minimum of 1000 accounts in total is required to qualify for the wholesale price of $45.
IB accounts with less than 1000 accounts in total, will be from $90
All active accounts in the IB feed are charged per account per year.
There is a $500 one off IB feed initial setup charge.
Year End tax pack service, see pricing.
6. Not all platforms support this functionality, please conform availability with your broker/advisor.
7. Optional Daily emailed reports, charged @$12/year/account or part thereof. All emails sent via Amazon, and subject to their policies.

10. Fair usage policy, includes up to 20 trades per day, each excess trade is 5 cents; plus up to 20 portfolio entries, excess 10 cents.

VillageMall does not provide any advise on accounting, taxation, or investment issues. The contents of this site should not be understood to be accounting, taxation or investment advice but rather as general product related educational information that may or may not meet your specific requirements.