Powerful online functionality combined with ease of use

  • Each portfolio is re-valued daily following the close of business and includes cost base, current value, gain/loss, estimated income and yield for each listed security, managed fund or other investments.
  • Based upon our ATO registered, Web Ledger double entry accounting engine
  • Recording, and tracking of Investment strategy
  • Integrated Investment Manager for direct shares Unit Trusts/Managed Funds Funds, Term Investments, Cash, and Exchange Traded Options
  • Supports multiple cost base parcels
  • Calculates CGT on Sale of Assets, automatically choosing one of three ATO defined discount methods
  • Support for CGT 45 day and 90 day holding rules
  • Automated cost base parcel selection and disposal, to optimise CGT, based upon user selectable CGT optimisation method
  • Supports the following selectable CGT optimisation methods: Minimise, Maximise, FIFO, LIFO
  • Integrated ATO registered, Shareholder's Records filing
  • Online processing of Bank statements via our smart processing module.
  • Nightly processing of electronic trades via direct interface to clearing broker and custodian
  • Nightly matching of computed portfolio holdings against Chess, sponsored registry reported holdings
  • Online access to Macquarie-CMT account balance and transactions. Can be setup by trustee, advisor, or accountant.
  • Online access to brokers trading account, and daily CMT account balances.
  • Online update of managed funds asset category allocations, to assist with investment strategy compliance.
  • Managed Funds and ASX equities, and ETO's End of Day price data.
  • Support for ASX equities, and ETO options.
  • Support holdings in foreign securities via Australian Chess Depository Interest (CDI).
  • The latest, world best practice, data security techniques to protect your information
  • Monitor your investments across multiple trading accounts, and multiple brokers


  • Taxable/tax exempt/tax deferred/tax paid income
  • Calculates change in market value of investments
  • End of Year tax summary for your accountant.

Compliance Reporting

  • Investment Strategy Recording, and tracking against actual investments to ensure fund compliance (includes example Investment strategy).

Portfolio Management

  • Daily portfolio revaluation.
  • Integrated charting, fund profiles, pricing, dividends and performance.
  • Integrated chart comparison with S&P Index.
  • On-line access for share and fund lookups
  • Online Electronic Contract Note processing.

White Labelling

  • Our service hosted within your own internet domain name
  • Allows you to offer your dealer groups their own badging ( their own logo on all screens)


  • single AUD base currency;
  • symbols, repricing and dividend data feeds limited to ASX equities, ETF's, ETO's and selected Australian morning star listed funds.

Investors wishing to directly invest and hold foreign equities, FX, CFD's, Bonds, Futures and future options and multiple currencies should select from one of our "Global Trader" Lite or MDA services.

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