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Online Portfolio Service

The best decisions cannot be made without accurate and up-to-date information. Keeping track of an investment portfolio is crucial to allow the right decisions about investments to be made and to manage the associated tax position. Specifically designed with this in mind, our online Web Portfolio administration service provides a daily accurate and comprehensive summary reporting on the investment portfolio.

Web Portfolio, provides your clients a fully integrated, next generation daily processed Portfolio and tax reporting system, which cuts the hours spent by investors collating their contract notes, dividend statements and other security related documentation received throughout the year. Web Portfolio provides advisor and their clients a complete view of all their investments.

Villagemall's unique Automation RobotTM works tirelessly after hours, performing the daily portfolio processing tasks, including an extensive set of quality assurance tests, to ensure that each morning there is a fully audited up-to-date daily position.

Advisors can utilise Web Portfolio to assist in the provision of a Managed Portfolio service, to their clients.

We provide the fully integrated platform, with ASX third-party clearing and custodian services, this is the only Portfolio system to match on a daily basis, processed contracts, corporate actions, dividends etc for equities and options against chess, and margin lending account holdings.

Provide full portfolio reporting for all asset classes, including Unlisted Unit Trust (UUT).

  • Offer clients your own "white-label" or "badged" service1
  • Have 360 degree view of your client, supports multiple client
    accounts per broker, and multiple brokers
  • Support for all of your assets including property, paintings etc
  • Includes our automation RobotTM
  • Daily portfolio re-valuation of all ASX securities and APIR UUT's
  • Portfolio, includes support for margin accounts, equities, and options
  • Reporting of equity holdings for long option positions
  • Ticker for your option daily margin requirement
  • Options and margin account reporting integration with your portfolio and tax reporting
  • optional Real-time CMA account balance
  • Daily CMA account balances
  • Integrated investment strategy, and compliance tracking
  • No percentage based fees, just one fixed annual price fee
  • Complete on-line platform for trading, advisors, and clients.
  • The One stop solution from transaction processing, though to tax preparation and electronic
    lodgement of tax return for SMSF clients, or end of year Tax report for Personal

Join our existing broker partners, in offering your clients the ultimate Portfolio and tax reporting service today.

Web Portfolio is a wholesale service, available to Partners with an AFSL.

Web Portfolio is your complete web-based application to support the manufacturing of portfolio products and services, and compete on a level playing field with the traditional "big-end of town" players.

Video Overview
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Contact us, or one of our wholesale distributors for details, about operating your own private label or "badged" service.

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No Software to Buy or Install

Get started instantly. 

  • There is no software to buy, install, or update
  • Access your secure Portfolio account from any Internet connection, using industry standard Internet Explorer
  • Access Your information 24-hours a day, 365 days a year when you want it, from our secure data centre.

Web Portfolio requires no upfront capital expenditures and can typically save you tens of thousands per year.

Web Portfolio helps you manage your business, through:

  • A virtual IT department: VillageMall operates and maintains the infrastructure, allowing you to spend less time on computing activities and more on your core business.  There's no hardware to buy, no networks to build, no software to install or to upgrade.
  • No application virus problems: as no VillageMall application software is required to run on a clients workstation, there is no software to infect their workstation. Should their workstation become infected from an external or internal source, their portfolio data is safe within our data centre

Web Portfolio provides your back office processing, on a daily basis, for all of portfolio transactions, and corporate actions; across multiple brokers, or advisors.

Web Portfolio, as VillageMall's premier portfolio service, delivers fully automated portfolio services at Australia's best practice pricing.

Enterprise SMSF service Visit our  Web Superfund service, which provides a total solution from portfolio, though to preparation and electronic lodgement3 of an ATO registered SMSF tax return.
VillageMall does not provide any advise on accounting, taxation, or investment issues. The contents of this site should not be understood to be accounting, taxation or investment advice but rather as general product related educational information that may or may not meet your specific requirements.

Note1: Available for 1000+ accounts, ask our partners about badging for smaller volume accounts.
Note2: Requires a partner broker account in order to execute trades within Web Portfolio
Note3: Requires a Registered Tax Agent, to use our ATO approved Tax Return lodgement software.
Note4: Contact VillageMall sales regarding  Enterprise platform services.