What is the current state of your Super?
In the "good times" most people have a hands off approach to their investments, but during the cyclic "corrections" you need a real-time portfolio view of your superannuation investments.
Web Super
Fund uniquely provides a on-line portfolio view of all your investments, keep up to date with free price feeds, and integrated share and fund research, profiles and much, much more... Trustees, and their advisors need more than simple accounting software to assist them in making time critical decisions. 

as rated by AFR Smart Investor magazine (March 2010).
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From 2013, all new services, are being offered via our fully managed SMSF365 Service, Web Superfund has been deprecated, as the DIY market has moved to fully managed SMSF service offerings.

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It's time to take control of your future retirement, with Web Super Fund on-demand Software.


  • There comes a responsibility for record keeping, annual reporting and tax returns
  • Traditional SMSF administration costs are typically $900-$4700 per year, some even charge on a per security basis..
  • Due to the "accountant" focus of traditional fund management software, many trustees find performing the investment and portfolio activities too time consuming (entering journals etc), and in almost all cases have no access to their actual fund Information. Their accountants simply provide end of year reports, and if they want to change accountants, this lack of data ownership is often a problem.
  • With baby-boomers' starting to think about the recent tax free retirement pensions, and the recent introduction of Transition To Retirement Pensions; individuals understand they need a greater control over their superannuation funds NOW!


  • Web Super Fund- Australia's first and only fully integrated on-demand application; developed specifically for Australian Self Managed Superannuation fund trustees and members.
  • Providing fully integrated Investment Portfolio Management, record keeping, annual compliance reporting, Tax returns and Investment strategy tracking.
  • Fully managed Deed service1, set and forget, you are always up-to-date.
  • Run your own Superfund, on-line today, the same way you do your online banking.
  • If you just want to look after your portfolio investments?; ask one of our Partners to quote on using Web Superfund to perform the SMSF administration functions for you.


  • Compare the features with any other Australian SMSF software.
  • then compare the Price, Web Superfund is simply the best value you can get*.
  • best of all your Fund can typically, be operational the same day as you sign-up.

Accountants/Auditors/Financial Advisors/Dealer Groups

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VillageMall Web Superfund is a unique on-line solution designed to simplify the task of managing and administering Australian Self Managed Superannuation funds. Superfund provides you with the means to take control of your DIY Super Fund and assists in lowering your overall cost of compliance, while providing a platform to obtain real-time professional advise. Web Superfund is the full featured, one-stop-solution in a single integrated application to help you run, manage and report on your fund. As an online application service, you can exploit the use of professional service providers (investment advisors, accountants, tax agents, and auditors), as much or as little as you require. As you would expect Web Superfund is able to produce a full set of compliance accounting reports, including your tax return.

Web Superfund is the first and only truly on demand superannuation fund management application delivered as a service. Web Superfund, provides a modern way to help run your own superfund with  increased control and simplified access to people, information and processes.  Most people already use online banking (to reduce the bank charges), why not run your Super Fund in the same manner!

Super Fund requires no upfront capital expenditure and could save you thousands of dollars.

Web Super Fund helps you run your DIY fund , through:

  • Anywhere access. Unlike traditional software, Web Super Fund allows secure access to all fund members from any Internet-connected computer.
  • Networked Collaboration. Work online with  your professional (investment, accounting or audit) advisors in any number of different locations. Everyone can view and interact with the same real-time fund data. 
  • No Installation or updates required. There's no hardware to buy, no networks to build, no software to install or even upgrade. VillageMall operates and maintains the infrastructure, allowing you to concentrate on your fund investments. Unlike all other available Superannuation Fund software VillageMall Web Super Fund is based upon our proven, full featured Web Ledger Accounting. All you need is an Internet connection, and Industry standard Internet Explorer browser.

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VillageMall does not provide any advise on accounting, taxation, or investment issues. The contents of this site should not be understood to be accounting, taxation or investment advice but rather as general product related educational information that may or may not meet your specific requirements.
1. Managed Deed service only available via one of our partners.
* if you can provide evidence of an on-demand SMSF software service which has superior features at lower price please send the details to VillageMall.