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Web Office-Super Fund
On-line Internet based services are changing the face of Self Managed Superannuation; just like it has fundamentally changed the Airline booking, Accommodation, and Banking industry. Who does not have an on-line banking account these days? When was the last time you did not book accommodation, or flights online?

Brokers, you can for the first time offer a on-line, one stop Self Managed Superannuation (SMSF) solution to your clients.

"With super, the stats are amazing. Of the $320 billion there are $78 billion in SMSF super funds right now sitting in cash looking for homes," said van der Westhuyzen1

  • Offer clients your own "white-label" SMSF service, using your brokering service.
  • Much.. much.. more than simply combining trading with a bank account.!
  • Use one of our certified SMSF specialist solution providers to back office your administration services to provide a one-stop total solution.
  • Complete on-line platform for trading, advisors, and clients.
  • No percentage based fees, just annual fixed price fee.
  • Offer Individual Managed Account services to SMSF Superannuation funds and Individuals2
  • Standardised VillageMall Deed allows full range of SIS compliant investments.
  • The only SMSF accounting platform to fully support Exchange Traded Options
  • Use Villagemall's unique one stop on-line SMSF creation process, which includes real-time download of filled out signature pack.. You will receive a fully setup SMSF fund, including trust deed and a fully operational Web Superfund. This service is ONLY available via your advisors, and they can be process at their office, at or your clients premises, anywhere!
  • Contact VillageMall today about how you can offer a best practice solution at a truly unbeatable price using VillageMall's unique Web Superfund platform.

Investment Portfolio System
A fully integrated Investment Portfolio System (IPS) delivers a scalable solution to your brokers , advisors and clients to manage and provide online portfolio reporting (much more than simple services, and is included in our all inclusive fee). Your clients have 24x7 internet access to their portfolio. Inbuilt access controls allow you to customise what the clients can access, providing you will total control.

Investment Portfolio System is fully integrated with our ATO registered tax return system, and AS25 compliance reporting system and includes the ability to Electronically  submit the annual tax return to the ATO3. Investment Portfolio System caters for tax, valuation and performance reporting of all investment types (equities, managed funds, real property, fixed interest, Exchange Traded Options etc.). Includes real-time online access to your clients CMT account, allowing you to provide a total Investment position. Uniquely you can offer online reporting of not only the total investments, but also the current member positions!

Includes full compliance tracking of investment strategy against total portfolio position, based upon latest available close of day price feeds. A single page report identifies any non compliance issues enabling timely correcting actions to ensure that the fund remains compliant.

Typically standalone portfolio system can cost $300/year/fund, IPS is included in our base fee.

Individual Managed Accounts (IMA)
For brokers with appropriate AFSL, offer a managed investment service. Due to our low platform fees, IMA's which traditionally were only available to SMSF's with ~$5 to $10M of funds under investment, can now be offered for as little as $500,000. IMA's unlike managed funds have full transparency, and no ownership issues; something most investors have realised, the hard way, is very important in the current climate. All members have on-line access to their IMA portfolio investments.

Web Superfund is the ONLY Australian SMSF Superannuation system to incorporate the International standard OECD standard audit file, and hence supports the requirements of an OECD tax audit, as well as allowing a full vendor independent archive of the fund data at any time.

Unlike all existing investment or portfolio systems, Web Superfund includes a fully ATO registered tax return preparation system. The ATO registration process requires that Web Superfund must execute and pass a series of compliance test cases, providing you with peace of mind. Additionally like a number of the portfolio and SMSF administration services ( which a simple reporting systems), Web Superfund is a based upon our proven, full featured, double entry Web Ledger accounting engine.

White Label Service
Provide your clients a "white label" Web Superfund service, via our Dedicated Host, On-site or Villagemall Node Service*. This is not a simple service with your icon displayed ( like say all others), but a fully integrated solution within your own internet domain.

 It's time! to move to the industry standard, Enterprise on demand solution.

Partner with the only Australian on-demand SMSF solution provider VillageMall; to offer a unique full service, via our Web Super Fund platform.

See our special professional pricing to get you clients on-line today.

To learn more about the how we can assist you:

  • Contact a VillageMall account representative today.
  • For non superannuation client investments, consider our Web Ledger-Personal Investor service.
  • Contact us about our upcoming Web Ledger-Professional Investor service


Web Super Fund the Australian the only total solution for Professional Advisors..

Please contact VillageMall for details of partnering opportunities.

Notes: 1.Macquarie Investment Lending division director Peter van der Westhuyzen on 2nd May 2008.
          2. See our Web Ledger- Personal Investor service for details
          3. Only Registered tax agents may use our ATO ELS Client
          4. Brokers require an IRESS broker account, contact VillageMall for full details
          * This service requires a minimum of 1000 Web Superfund Licence.

VillageMall does not provide any advise on accounting, taxation, or investment issues. The contents of this site should not be understood to be accounting, taxation or investment advice but rather as general product related educational information that may or may not meet your specific requirements.