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"The Just Right Solution"
An Australian service, designed specifically for Australian Accounting Practices.

CRM, Jobs, Timesheets, Client Invoicing, Contact Activities, Secure Documents, Client Portal, Document Production, SMSF Administration, ATO Activity Statements and SMSF tax returns.

Powerful on-line functionality, for Accounting Practices

Practice Manager, and CRM

  • Client Centric focus
  • All your Clients, Staff, and more, in one spot.
  • Customer Relationship management(CRM)
  • Appointments, calendars, client emails, and client contacts, help manage your Customer relationships at the Practice level.
  • Contact activities manager, coordinates, schedules, and audits for all Client contacts
  • Track, Schedule and audit Contact Activities
  • Projects, Tasks, and Staff allocations
  • Standardised Practice Job Templates and Task Quality procedures.
  • Standardised Accounting Practice Tasks
  • Staff Timesheets with Task, and Staff rates
  • Progress or Job Completed, Client Invoicing
  • Client payment tracking, back to Jobs
  • Client Portal logon, with secure access to documents, and digital signatures
  • Practice Correspondence Registry
    • Registry service, for all incoming and outgoing correspondence
    • Standing Practice "Registry Job"
    • Unifies Email and Snail Mail
    • Filed within Practice Records Management, with Audit and Timestamps
    • Integrated workflow and access controls
  • Practice Cognition Accounting
    • Invoices, are generated inside Cognition.
    • Practice costs linked to Cognition Items, and CofA
    • Practice Clients linked to Cognition Contacts for Purchase and Sales
    • Practice Staff linked to Cognition Payroll Staff
    • Xero Integration deprecated 2015, due to APP8 and ongoing USA based storage, performance, and API scaleability issue.
  • Client Cognition Integration
    • Client Activity Statements filled from Cognition account
    • Complete Practice back office functions for Cognition
    • OECD SAF-T Snapshot Archive
    • Optional Payroll processing
  • Client Xero Integration
    • Client Activity Statements, can be prefilled from Client Xero account
    • Optional Snapshot, OECD SAF-T archive
  • Client Freshbooks Integration
    • Work around for Australian GST inclusive, tax processing
    • Client Activity Statements, can be prefilled from Client Freshbook account
    • Optional Snapshot, OECD SAF-T archive
    • Optional Cognition processing
      • Double Entry accounting
      • Journals
      • Australian company reporting, Balance Sheet, ect
      • Optional Australian Bank Feeds and Bank reconciliation
  • SMSF365 Integration
    • SMSF365 Fund linked to Client, and allocated Client Jobs and Tasks, Timesheets
    • SMSF365 User (Admin) linked to Staff,
    • Member linked to Client Contact, via member relationship
  • Free1 Client logon account, for secure document uploads
  • First contact, can assist clients, no more "will find out and call you back" situations.

Document Manager 2

  • Integrated, secure (encrypted at rest, and located in Australia) Records Management System.
    • Registered against Taxation Ruling TR 2005/9 requirements
    • Storage designed to meet Australian Privacy principle APP 8 (March 2014)
    • X509 Signed Digital Timestamp, to meet legal filing date, and integrity requirements
    • Implements an out-of-box "Standard Business Classification Scheme"
    • All document access audited
    • Secure document link distribution, to client contacts via insecure email
    • One view, secure document distribution with client read audit
    • Mandatory encryption with AES265, X509 Digital Signatures and Timestamps of all content.
  • Client Correspondence, Document generation
    • generation from Practice templates and Practice data
    • automated filing with audit records
    • secure distribution to clients, to meet APP 8 privacy requirements
    • supports Word (docx), and Adobe templates.
  • Optional Cloud Print, documents to your local Practice printer, from within AWO
  • Document Vault, cloud based archive storage to meet 7/10 year records retention rules
  • X509 Digital signatures, for electronic Client sign off, of any document.

Tax Manager

  • Integrated next generation, ATO Standard Business Reporting (SBR)
  • Automation Robot
    • Finds available ATO Activity Statements for Practice Clients
      each month or on request.
    • Generates Client Job, from Practice Job Template
    • Allocates Job to Client Manager
    • Schedules Job to meet ATO filing dates
    • Prefills Activity Statements
  • Online ATO Pre-lodge check for any Job allocated Staff
  • Online ATO Lodgment for authorised Staff
  • Support for Activity Statements, and SMSF Tax returns
  • Client Activity Statements can be prefilled from ATO and populated from Client linked account
  • Real-time status of all Client Activity Statements.
  • Uses ATO Practice, Device Auskey, for all ATO activities.

Practice Accounting Integration

  • Each AWO Licence Includes:
    • AWO25-> SME25 plus payroll
  • Integrated Client billing/invoicing
  • Optional BPay receive payments
  • Optional real-time bank balances, and data feed.

Practice Client Accounting Integration

  • Client Activity Statements, can be prefilled from linked Client account
  • Optional Cognition Accounting, Cognition Payroll processing
  • Optional Snapshot, OECD SAF-T archive, of linked Client accounting, to meet Practice compliance and audit requirements

Microsoft Office365 Exchange Online Integration

  • Central Registry services for Practice incoming emails
    • All incoming emails, time stamped and filed within Practice Records Management System
    • A Registry Activity is created and available to assigned Filing Staff
    • Activity can be re-assigned for action
  • Full audit of all oncoming and outgoing Practice Emails, using Exchange account.

Add Audit Work papers

  • Coming soon..

Add Virtual CFO Service

  • Coming soon..

Add Insoured Staffing

  • Expect to be Phillipines based, Coming soon..

Add Cloud Desktop Solution3

  • Co-locate Cloud Desktop, with our Servers, via high speed backbone access,
  • Hardware 1 CPU, 1.7->3.75 GB Memory, 50->160GB User Storage,
  • Utilities (Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash)
  • Anti Virus Security Services,
  • Access via any platform or operating system, mobile, phone, desktop, tablet.


  • Produce SuperStream compliant contribution files for processing by funds, gateways, and clearing houses:
    • XBRL  Contribution Report (sprcnt.0001.conttrans.request.02.02); May 2014
    • SuperStream_alternative_file_format; April 2014

Practice Private Cloud

  • Allows your practice, to own and control your service, just like your existing on-premise solution
  • VillageMall provides a fully managed solution inside your private cloud infrastructure
  • All inclusive, with unlimited staff usage.
  • Suitable for larger practices or Accounting groups
  • Priced from only $25,000 per year.


  • Provides streamlined online CRM, Job, Client, Task, Contact, Time and Invoice management.
  • Includes fully integrated SMSF365 SMSF accounting, management, and Tax return solution.
  • Integrated with Office365 Exchange online, and Xero Accounting.
  • No more islands of  separate applications, which don't talk to one-another.
  • Your one stop Cloud based Accounting Web Office solution
  • Based upon our proven Web Office service which has been in the cloud since 2004
  • At a price no-one gets close to
  • The next generation Cloud Practice Solution today..

No Modules, no add-ons, to keep buying, everything is included in one fixed price..
Use as little, or as much, as you need to run your Practice.

Accountants Web Office®, the "Just Right Solution"


  • AWO25 $2500 per year for upto 25 staff.
  • Includes at no additional fee, the same number of SMSF365 Fund licensees as licenced staff.
  • Includes unlimited Cognition->SoleTrader Accounts, provisioned under Practice Licence.
  • Integrated Cloud storage, requires practice provided AWS S3 account.


 Other VillageMall Services

  • Multi Factor Authentication (Google Authenticator)
  • SMSF365, Practice SMSF solution, with SBR Tax return
  • Broker Portfolio Service-> Global trading, with Australian SMSF specific reporting and tax processing.
  • Managed Deed Service, fees paid directly to legal firm
  • Actuary Certificate, fees paid directly to actuary firm
  • Non CMA bank and non BPS broker data feeds, fees paid directly to SISS Data Services
  • Business Manager, for insourcing Accounting Practice services to SME market segment, Virtual CFO, BAS/IAS ect.

Future Roadmap

  • Complete cloud based "Managed Accountants Web Office"
    • Internet domain, DNS ect,
    • Insourced Staffing
  • Corporate Compliance (Company Registers, ASIC Lodgments, ect.)


1. Each practice account may have the first 10*Number of staff licenses, client logon accounts for free.
i.e. a 25 license account may have 250 client logon accounts
2. Requires each Practice to supply a Amazon S3, and wordtopdf third party subscription account.
3. Requires separate subscription.
4. Csv file from July 2014, xbrl from July 2015, availability conditional on availability of ATO conformance test suites.

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