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Developed entirely in Microsoft dotnet framework.

Powerful online functionality combined with ease of use

  • Based upon full feature Web Ledger enterprise accounting, including automatic member ledgers
  • Real-time, current members statements. View the current members position including security revaluations and tax return processing anytime during the year!.
  • Recording of Minutes to document decisions
  • Recording, and tracking of Investment strategy
  • Analysis of Performance and Risk
  • Integrated Investment Manager for direct shares Unit Trusts/Managed Funds Funds, Term Investments, Cash, and Exchange Traded Options3.
  • Corporate Actions functionality including mergers, de-mergers and dividend reinvestments
  • Integrated Asset Management for properties, including depreciation
  • Calculates CGT on Sale of Assets, using one of three ATO methods, includes smart selection of CGT options.
  • Segregate Assets to specific fund members
  • Support for Gov co-contributions
  • Allocate fund profits to members by inbuilt daily balance formulae, or user entered, or actuary percentage
  • Ability to handle pension funds and funds with members in both accumulation and with one or more pensions
  • Management reports including real-time investment portfolio, and member positions.
  • Includes online access for up to four members/trustees
  • Electronic online processing of ASX dividends, import of Bank statements via our smart processing module.
  • Online Electronic Contact Note processing, direct access via trading platform ( build portfolio, process buy/sell transactions with a single click).
  • Online Macquarie-CMT account reconciliation (no export/imports, just a single click). Can be setup by trustee, advisor, or accountant.
  • Online update of managed funds asset category allocations, to assist with investment strategy compliance.
  • Member contribution limit checking.
  • Fully integrated Managed Funds and ASX End of Day price data.
  • Fully integrated Corporate Actions data feed.
  • Optional fully managed Deed service, set and forget you will always be compliant..


  • Taxable/tax exempt/tax paid income
  • Calculates change in market value of investments
  • Supports latest ATO combined SMSF Superannuation Fund Tax Return.
  • Don't have a tax agent, no worries; VillageMall is registered with the ATO to produce paper version of the ATO forms. Simply print, sign and send to the ATO.

Member Management

  • Detailed member information (member details, tax records and benefit history)
  • Real-time members position statements
  • Breakdown of members' account balance showing vesting, and preservation.
  • Online, real-time, member contribution statements (MCS) and reporting
  • Allocation of calculated allocated earnings to member accounts

Compliance Reporting

  • Investment Strategy Recording, and tracking against actual investments to ensure fund compliance (includes example Investment strategy).
  • Fund Members' Information Statements.
  • Fund Financial Report to AAS25,  including Operating Statement, Statement of Financial Position, Members Information Statement, Auditors Report, Trustees' Statement, and Annual Trustee meeting minutes.
    Sample Financial Report
  • Electronically fills out new combined Self Managed Superannuation Fund Income tax and regulatory return form NAT71226, and Schedule BK NAT3432.
    Sample Tax Return, Schedule BK

Portfolio Management

  • On-click portfolio revaluation.
  • Free on-line Share, Managed Funds end of day price feed.
  • Integrated charting, fund profiles, pricing, dividends and performance.
  • Integrated chart comparison with S&P Index.
  • On-line access for share and fund lookups
  • Revaluation as at date for pension
  • Optional Online Electronic Contract Note2 processing.
  • Optional Corporate Actions data service.

White Labelling

  • Our service hosted within your own internet domain name
  • Allows you to offer your dealer groups their own badging ( their own logo on all screens)

VillageMall does not provide any advise on accounting, taxation, or investment issues. The contents of this site should not be understood to be accounting, taxation or investment advice but rather as general product related educational information that may or may not meet your specific requirements.
Notes 1. Supports latest combined SMSF Tax Return form (MS)  from October 2008, see www.ato.gov.au for details.
         2. Contact your broker to enable Electronic Contract Notes.
         3.The ONLY Australian SMSF accounting software with integrated Options (ETO) processing.