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Developed entirely in dotnet framework.
Pricing Plan

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Service Plan Rate8 Access Accounts
Trustee Solution
Web Super Fund*


Enterprise Solutions1^
Web Office-Super Fund
True Multi-user, multi-fund, scalable solution; support for unlimited number of Funds.
CPA, ICAA, FPA, NIA and AFSL holders.. Bulk purchase pricing less than 100 fund's $310 each/year
> 100 but < than 500 funds $280 each/year
>500 but < than 1000 funds $250 each/year
10002  funds $180,000/year
10,000+2 funds $550,000/year
>20,0002 funds POA.

 ATO Electronic Lodgment Service client software4 Unlimited funds $2000/Year
AFSL holders
(brokers, advisors)
  • On-line one stop shop SMSF establishment service; and
  • Offer your own Individual Managed Account (IMA):
    fully managed Superannuation Investment service.

Contact VillageMall for details

Specialist Solutions
Use VillageMall's core SMSF accounting, portfolio, compliance and regulatory engine from within your application.
Developers Contact VillageMall for details, or visit our developers area.  
See here for full details of VillageMall plans and conditions.
*GST Inclusive, with 2 to 4 members; See here for full details of VillageMall plans and conditions.
^ includes VillageMall access account for up to 20 partner employees, one auditor, one advisor, and up to 4 trustees.
Each Web Superfund service includes up to 4 trustee access accounts, additional access accounts are $50 per account per year.
1 All fees are GST Exclusive.
2 Requires an On-Site Service, or Dedicated server plus $10/service/year or VillageMall Node. Private label service available for 1000+ services.
3 Contact VillageMall for full details, and special pricing for 100 or more funds.
4 Due to the proprietary ATO ELS implementation, an on demand ELS service cannot be provided; hence  this software must be installed and operated on your local workstation. The software requires Windows XP with dotnet framework installed. Updated October each year after ATO registration. No charge for 1000+ fund services.
5 Over the last several years the ATO has made significant yearly changes to its specifications, not directly related to changing regulatory requirements, which has an associated development cost. As the costs associated with such changes are born by our clients; from 2008 these cost will be itemised within each service fee. This fee could have been avoided if only regulatory tax changes had been made, or commercial  information technologies used, rather than archaic proprietary ATO implementations.
6 Requires current Web Office account for Partner client management. No charge for 1000+ fund services.
7. Practices with less than 100 funds, should contact VillageMall regarding opportunities to merge your accounts with an existing partner, to achieve the economies of scale to be competitive.
8. Optional daily ASX corporate actions, contact us for pricing details.
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All Trustee Solution prices are GST inclusive, all Enterprise solutions are GST exclusive.

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If the above pricing scales does not meet your specific requirements, please contact us and  we can prepare a custom proposal, to match your specific needs.

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