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Developed entirely in dotnet framework.
Pricing Plan

Please select from one of the service plans below:

Service Plan Rate8 Access Accounts
Accountant Web Office
CPA, ICAA, FPA, NIA $1400 per year for 10 users,
$2300 per year for 25 users.
Trustee Solution
 SMSF365 Trustee


Enterprise Solutions1^
True Multi-user, multi-fund, scalable solution; support for unlimited number of Funds.
CPA, ICAA, FPA, NIA and AFSL holders.. Bulk purchase pricing
2014 Tax Year Pricing

SMSF Funds*

Yearly Fee


25 $2,000 $80 25
Over 25   $80 25
Private Host  
5000+ $125,000 $25 unlimited
 Minimum purchase is 25 funds
Please refer to current price list here
Specialist Solutions
Use VillageMall's core SMSF365, compliance and regulatory engine from within your application.
Developers Contact VillageMall for details, or visit our developers area.  
See here for full details of VillageMall plans and conditions.
*GST Inclusive, with 2 to 4 members; See here for full details of VillageMall plans and conditions.
^ includes VillageMall access account for up to 20 partner employees, one auditor, one advisor, and up to 4 trustees.
Each Web Superfund service includes up to 4 trustee access accounts, additional access accounts are $50 per account per year.
1 All fees are GST Exclusive.

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All Trustee Solution prices are GST inclusive, all Enterprise solutions are GST exclusive.

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If the above pricing scales does not meet your specific requirements, please contact us and  we can prepare a custom proposal, to match your specific needs.

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