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Web Office-Super Fund
On-line Internet based services are changing the face of Self Managed Superannuation (SMSF) administration; just like it has fundamentally changed the Airline booking, Accommodation, and Banking industry. Who does not have an on-line banking account these days? When was the last time you did not book accommodation online?

Ask about our unique partner White Labelling, with the ability for you to offer dealer group badging.

The future is on-line SMSF administration..

SMSF Administrators

  • Reduce administration costs by 50-80%1
  • The only Enterprise Solution, which can run all 368,000 registered SMSFs'!
  • Paperless, on-line electronic processing for over 90% of typical SMSF transactions, no more imports or data-entry errors. Yes, we can even process electronic contract notes in real-time via our integrated trading platform.
  • Stable all inclusive fee, nothing more to pay (Typically, competitors charge you fees for data feeds, web based reporting, and portfolio management, or a percentage of funds under management etc.. etc..)
  • No IT infrastructure required, no servers, licensing, or technical support required. We perform all updates and enhancements for you, all with Zero-downtime for updates and enhancements. Yes, we have a service level agreement.
  • Full integration with optional external data entry services (India etc), no additional IT support required.
  • Future proof, via Microsoft Dot Net development platform, and infrastructure.
  • Fully ATO registered service..
  • Optional Onsite service (allows you to host your own VillageMall Superfund service).
  • Optional Own you own VillageMall Node, offer your own private label service, you have total control.
  • Optional ATO Electronic Lodgement Service (ELS) client.
  • Partner with VillageMall to offer specialist back office SMSF admin services to Financial Advisors, brokers and smaller accounting firms.
  • Optional Fully Managed Deed Service, set and forget for a single yearly fee.
  • Australia's first and ONLY on-demand Superfund service.

Financial Advisors

"With super, the stats are amazing. Of the $320 billion there are $78 billion in SMSF super funds right now sitting in cash looking for homes," said van der Westhuyzen1

  • Have 360 degree view of your client.
  • Provide full transparency to your clients, with online, real-time portfolio valuations, member positions, realised and unrealised capital gains and much more..
  • Integrated investment strategy (from your SOA), and compliance tracking
  • Integrated fund, share, profiles with integrated dividends, and price feeds.
  • Support for all SIS investment types, property, managed funds, direct shares, ETO's, and fixed interest.
  • Replace the myriad of expensive tools and platforms with a single integrated solution.
  • Protect existing client, partner relationships
  • Optionally use one of our certified SMSF specialist partners to back office your admin services to provide a one-stop fixed fee total solution.
  • Use Villagemall's unique one stop on-line SMSF creation process, which includes real-time download of filled out signature pack.. You will receive a fully setup SMSF fund, including trust deed and a fully operational Web Superfund. This service is ONLY available to AFSL holders, and can be processed at your office, at your clients premises, anywhere!
  • Offer a total Superfund Solution, contact VillageMall today..



"With super, the stats are amazing. Of the $320 billion there are $78 billion in SMSF super funds right now sitting in cash looking for homes," said van der Westhuyzen1

  • Offer clients your own "white-label" SMSF service, using your brokering service.
  • Much.. much.. more than simply combining trading with a bank account.!
  • Use one of our certified SMSF specialist partners to back office your admin services to provide a one-stop fixed fee total solution.
  • Complete on-line platform for trading, advisors, and clients.
  • No percentage based fees, just annual fixed price fee.
  • Offer Individual Managed Account services for Superfunds and Individuals2
  • Standardised VillageMall Deed allows full range of SIS compliant investments.
  • ONLY SMSF accounting platform to fully support Exchange Traded Options
  • Contact VillageMall today about how you can offer a best practice solution at a truly unbeatable price using VillageMall's unique Web Superfund platform.



  • All information on-line, and integrated into work flows, i.e. select security transactions and view the original chess/broker forms...
  • ATO registered to enable filed copies to be used as legal originals.
  • ONLY platform with:
    • OECD SAF-T electronic audit capability (you just need Excel to conduct an electronic audit, as used by Tax administrations world wide).
    • Electronic digital signatures on all filed documents to guarantee integrity (simple on-click validate)
  • Fully integrated, Complete set of financial statements, and Tax Return
  • Combine with Web Office:
    • Client relationship management (CRM)
    • Task Management
    • Client billing
  • Work online with Trustee, and or Accountant, while maintaining existing client, partner relationships
  • Simply do more with existing resources.


With the increased volume and associated commoditisation of SMSF administration, fees have recently fallen to less than $600/year.

Due to the amazing amounts of money within the current DIY Superannuation market, traditional accounting firms can potentially be displaced by the "big end" of town as they see leaching of their "high value" fund members to DIY superannuation. Web Superfund aims to level the playing field with a the ONLY on-demand SMSF service. 
  • Offer more than "just accounting", or end of year tax returns...
  • Web Superfund's, fully integrated online documents, electronic banking and dividend feeds and OECD SAF-T audit file, help reduce costs and support a fully online or electronic audit.
  • provide your clients full service on-line portfolio and investment management, with integrated price, and dividend feeds; Fund compliance and end of year Tax Returns in a single platform solution.
  • Offer your advisors access to a platform with real-time complete fund information.
  • full integrated workflow support for out-sourcing of data entry (India, Malaysia etc), no expensive IT-setup, VPN's, Terminal servers or links required, save $thousands per month.
  • use our enterprise services which does not run out of puff after a few hundred funds.
    (System is currently dimensioned to support all
    of the 368,000 SMSF funds within Australia!)
  • work online with Advisors, and Auditors, while maintaining existing client, partner relationships
  • Includes Web Office Practice management~:
    • Client, details and relationship management (CRM)
    • Fund setup (Projects)
    • Task Management, including assignment and tracking
    • Client billing
    • Integrated Web Super Fund client provisioning
    • ATO registered ELS client software, for electronic tax return processing.
  • work with your clients on-line, with a monthly service, rather than the end of year rush.

Finally Trustees, can have real-time, online access, to their fund information.

  • Full featured Portfolio management, with integrated share and fund price feeds
  • Online access to real-time member position statements
  • Provide all trustee with online access to any aspect of the fund operation subject to integrated access controls
  • Supports online access for up to four Trustees/members.
  • Take control over your future with Web Superfund.

See trustee version of Web Superfund.

White Label Service
Provide your clients a "white label" Web Superfund service, via our Dedicated Host, On-site or Villagemall Node Service*.

It's time! to move to the industry standard, Enterprise SQL Server based solution.

Partner with the only Australian on-demand SMSF solution provider VillageMall; to offer a unique full online service, via our Web Super Fund platform.

See our special professional pricing to get you clients on-line today.

Web Super Fund the Australian solution for every Professional..

Please contact VillageMall for details of partnering opportunities.

Notes: 1.Macquarie Investment Lending division director Peter van der Westhuyzen on 2nd May 2008.
          2. See our Web Ledger- Personal Investor service for details

VillageMall does not provide any advise on accounting, taxation, or investment issues. The contents of this site should not be understood to be accounting, taxation or investment advice but rather as general product related educational information that may or may not meet your specific requirements.
1. Contact VillageMall about how you can reduce typical SMSF administration costs by 50-80% over existing older desktop solutions.
* This service requires a minimum of 1000 Web Superfund Licence.