What is VillageMall All About?

Imagine being able to run mission critical business applications with no more infrastructure than a internet browser; then imagine applications seamlessly integrated into a total set of general business, accounting and financial services via the internet...

You don't have to imagine VillageMall is here today. VillageMall is an innovative infrastructure, and application provider which delivers fully integrated business applications, securely via the internet. No need to procure expensive equipment. No need to attract and train hard to find IT staff. Just a simple service contract and Internet access is all that is needed...

The Internet is the Computer...

VillageMall was established to address the business issues faced by the small to medium enterprise ( less than 250 employees). VillageMall aims to reduce your fixed costs and manage technology change for you, feeing you to concentrate on the business. Imagine having access to a ERP system like SAP, but paying only when you use the service. 

The driving force behind VillageMall is the meshing of a business need with the technology to fulfil that need.

This maturing of Internet technology has itself provided a dynamic delivery mechanism that allows VillageMall to offer a solution to this problem.

VillageMall provides the business infrastructure to improve your bottom line, applications that provide real benefits today not in the future, while position your business to take advantage of the internet opportunities.

VillageMall helps you do business on the Internet.

The  VillageMall Vision?

VillageMall Network is operated by independent entrepreneurs to service local merchants, and clients. VillageMall operates within a community and not as a "faceless" cyber entity. VillageMall clients already know one-another as the local community already exists. VillageMall takes these relationships to the Internet. 

VillageMall is focused at all small to medium business activities and provides cost effective Business applications to support the normal day-to-day activities in the non-internet world. These application services have been developed by VillageMall specifically to provide the competitive advantage needed to compete with the larger corporations, and the increasingly global community in which we all compete.

Our medium term objective is to franchise these local villages across the nation, enabling the community to grow within a secure and stable environment. VillageMall aims to allow small to medium enterprises though the VillageMall Network to have a clear business advantage.

How Is VillageMall Different?

VillageMall is an infrastructure service provider, as such provides members with a consistent set of services, these include a secure networked village environment, business service provisioning (BSP) such as, accounting, project management, appointments, HR, payroll, customer ordering, sales orders, document management and payment methods.  VillageMall supports business enterprises together with their customers in a trusted environment for mutual gain.

Ultimately scaleable

You will welcome the essential difference in the cost of an service from that associated with the more traditional means of procuring IT services. VillageMall services are ultimately scaleable,  a great advantage for a business that wants to act like a big company, but does not possess the bank balance to finance the capital investment that such activity would normally demand. Indeed, this is an advantage for any company that senses the unpredictability of future trends and does not want to sink major investment in the wrong direction. To assist small business start-ups, VillageMall does not have any setup or establishment fees, just a monthly service fee.

Fast and flexible

Fast-changing or fast-growing companies are also impatient. Their marketplace is filling up, and they want to reap the benefits of these services as early as possible in order to gain ascendancy. They recognise VillageMall has the existing expert skill-sets and hardware infrastructure that offer the shortest time-to-market for the solutions that they need. It is VillageMalls' business to ensure that we provide leading-edge services on world best practice platforms. This constitutes another angle that the client company does not have to cover, removing the burden of being an expert in yet another sphere. 

For Business Owners

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Your Virtual Office....


VillageMall's are run by entrepreneurs that have the same objectives as the business owners they service.

Getting On Board

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VillageMall Plans for the Future


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We hope that you will find VillageMall a valuable addition to your business activities.