Instructions on Trusting VillageMall


There are two ways to get to the trust point installation procedures:

  1. When connecting to a secure host, and
  2. Manually loading a trust point.

While connecting to a VillageMall secure host

Press the Button and go to Step 3.


Manually Loading a Trust Point

1. Select the Root Certificate

WebLedger and WebOffice customers click here.

Click here for all hosts in  or 
             here for all hosts in domain.

The following screens are for domain.
You will be presented with a "File Download" screen...

Image2.gif (7973 bytes)

2. Select the "Open this file from current location item ( the normal default is "save this file to disk").

3. On a computer, with IE6 installed, You will be presented with the screen below:

Image3.gif (7597 bytes)

This screen correctly shows that you have not explicitly trusted VillageMall.

3. In order to trust VillageMall we recommend the following steps be performed.

a) Select the "Details" tab from the top area of the screen...

Image4.gif (8751 bytes)

b) Select the "Issuer" Field...

Image5.gif (10007 bytes)

Confirm the details now to that you have on your screen, they must be exactly the same..

c) Select the "Subject" Field

Image6.gif (9985 bytes)

Confirm the details.

d) Select the "Serial Number" Field

Image7.gif (9404 bytes)

Confirm that the values in the screen are as follows:

This ensures that you are trusting the right certificate, serial number must be unique within any Certification Authority...

d) Return to the initial "certificate screen" and select the "Install Certificate" Button on the bottom.

Image3.gif (7597 bytes)

e) You will presented with set of installation Wizard screens as below:

Image8.gif (10078 bytes)

g) Press the "next" button.

Image9.gif (5814 bytes)

h) Press the next button...

Image10.gif (9374 bytes)

i) Press the "Finnish" button...

Image11.gif (5857 bytes)

This screen will install the VillageMall Certificate into your trusted "Root Store" within your browser.

Your screen should be identical to this screen, this last test ensures that you have trusted the right VillageMall Certificate, and hence can be assured that you can trust the VillageMall infrastructure that uses this Certificate as the basis of security processing.

j) Congratulations, You have been successful in establishing VillageMall as your trust point....

Image12.gif (2368 bytes)

Any VillageMall site. or service that you use, that has been Certified by the VillageMall Certification Infrastructure will now be trusted by you....