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VillageMall has created a suite of integrated on-demand technologies and business model which has in place the commercial infrastructure that all business require to conduct business via the Internet.

We are witnessing a revolution in the way that all members of the community use and deploy Information Technology via the Internet. Business cannot afford to... and cannot afford not to... keep pace with the changing environment. 

What is required is the ability to share information, create virtual teams, manage cash flow and limit capital expenses, i.e. make investment decisions.

VillageMall, founded in 1999 was the worlds first Business Solutions Provider (BSP); delivering solutions as services, to Australian small business owners and operators. VillageMall continues to be the market leader in the small business, and personal finance market segment to this day.

What is an BSP ?

A BSP is a service provider offering web-based business solutions delivered as services, this includes software applications, infrastructure, and related business services over the Internet. In the last few years our type of service has also be termed Software as a Service (SaaS) by technologists, but the key for Villagemall is supplying on-demand Business applications to Australian Business owners and operators. The key to the BSP concept is zero application software at the end user location, and all software delivered as a service. A centrally managed infrastructure (just like a power network) is developed and supplied by the BSP. The only requirement at the end user location is a Industry standard Web Browser, which plugs into this network via the Internet, and consumes as much or as little of our service, as required to meet their needs.

The excitement about BSPs is easy to understand. End-users save money and cut deployment time by shifting the burden of installing, maintaining, and managing applications and infrastructure to the BSP. This can be a significant advantage particularly for client-server and database applications that require server and networking resources.

Why choose VillageMall ?
The market trends suggest the benefits of the VillageMall model blend perfectly with the aim of creating an agile, efficient and modern businesses.
In fact for some industries like accommodation, and flight bookings and online banking, old style desktop Software has completely disappeared from the market.

With VillageMall, businesses are able to:

The VillageMall  difference
VillageMall's many years of experience, combined with total control over the core patented software, provides the basis for our unique position to deliver on the vision of the integrated Internet-accessible Office for our customers. VillageMall 's services are targeted to be the widest possible feature set, combined with the lowest per user charge. This approach enables VillageMall to be the leading source of internet-enabled business management applications for small to medium business and personal finance sectors. VillageMall takes complete responsibility for the development, deployment and maintenance of the delivered applications. Customers can focus on their core business objectives secure in the knowledge that their key enterprise applications are constantly available, ever in scale, and always supporting their objectives.

VillageMall 's philosophy can be summed up as a 'complete on-demand-service for customers' wishing to utilise a fully integrated solution. 

wide area network and networking local LAN WAN

Down the hall and around the world, your network reach is unlimited...

Imagine: every user has a web-browser-based application that they use to support all their day to day business processes. This browser is driven by a distributed application that runs on a replicated network, accessing multiple hosts -- yours, your suppliers, your customers, and your banks. All transactions are fully completed online as soon as they are entered -- through electronic, end-to-end completion of all business processes; processes designed from the customers perspective. Immediate, complete, and accurate information.

remote access network

Get full capabilities from home, the office and in the field

This is not impossible to do. And the benefits are enormous.

And all of this brings us to:

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading provider of Web accessible on-line business and personal finance applications; the Web Office, for companies with 1-500 employees, and turnover of up to $30million. We started by becoming the industry-standard on-line accounting platform for web-based accounting, with full featured Web Ledger. We have followed this with Web Office, a suite of seamlessly integrated Business applications, with unsurpassed functionality. VillageMall services give small businesses, enterprise performance and reliability with unprecedented ease of use; at significant cost savings over any existing alternatives. Lastly we have developed Australia's first and only trustee focused SMSF administration service. We lead the market on price, performance, and features. We pioneered the introduction of Free on-line business services. We will continue to strengthen leadership by partnering to offer complementary applications and functions.

VillageMall is fundamentally changing the way company's and individuals select, implement, use, upgrade, and pay for the business information system solutions. 

As a service provider VillageMall understands customer service is key, and happy customers are critical to the company's success, we must supply world best practice services each and every day.

VillageMall is the ultimate product of VillageMall Pty Ltd mission:

wide area network and networking local LAN WAN applicationsVillageMall delivers business value, via the Internet, to small medium enterprises...


Our Vision

VillageMall powering every Client business transaction.

Our  Core Values

- We are customer and value driven
- We display openness, and mutual respect
- We behave professionally and ethically
- We encourage simplicity and diversity
- We develop, and deliver worlds best practice services
- We seek outstanding strategic partnerships

Our Companies

VillageMall Pty Ltd ('VillageMall'), ABN 19 088 024 560 is a 100%  Australian owned Company, registered within the state of Queensland, Australia.

VillageMall Operations Pty Ltd (VillageMall Operations'), ACN102 714 885 is a company registered within the state of Queensland, Australia; which owns and operates the VillageMall infrastructure, and provides services to the network of VillageMall Nodes.


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