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 VillageMall signs in excess of 100,000 client licences..

VillageMall becomes Australia's largest on-demand service provider.

Brisbane, Australia,- May 2009 - VillageMall, the pioneer of Australian on-line Solutions, today announced that a recent contract has taken their total paid client licences to now over 100 thousand. This makes us the largest on-demand supplier in Australia, and one of the largest in the world.

"The "global economic downturn" has been very good to us, the significant increase in our client base has been totally due to our advisors, accountants and dealer groups looking at ways to save their business. Only last year there were "fat" margins for all; but these have simply disappeared. Our clients are left with the hard choice of reducing costs via staff losses, or significantly reducing their operational costs. Our on-demand SMSF, Personal Investor, Individual Managed Account (IMA) and  SMA1' administration platform is the the result of working with advisors, accountants, investment professionals and auditors" said VillageMall CEO Charles Moore. "It has taken 10 years of R&D, and operational experience to achieve what is a unique Australian on-demand financial services, and regulatory platform."

"Our mantra, has always been Technology, plus Specialist knowledge equals competitive advantage. In partnership with professional services providers, they can now deliver the world best practice solutions to the Australian investment market."

"Reaching 100,000 client licences is a major milestone for us, and demonstrates the maturity of our services, and the almost 10 years of hard work that has gone into our world best practice services."

Advisors, dealer groups, have access to real-time portfolio, and individual member positions. The latter is something that no existing advisors platform can provide, as the portfolio service is traditionally divorced from the actual SMSF fund operation. When combined with our real-time investment strategy compliance checking, all parties can for the first time be assured of a match between the plan and actual investments
. Our many years of experience has shown that most advisors, and trustees are unable to state that their existing investments are compliant, as required under the SIS Act.

Administrators, have access to integrated  full range of corporate actions, including share dividends and DRIP processing; only an administrator knows what a saving this can be to their bottom line. Our smart-statement processor allows quick and easy reconciliation of electronic bank and investment statements. When combined with our SMSF tax return, financial reporting and ATO registered Electronic Lodgement Service (ELS), administrators have for the fist time a "total" end to end solution in a single service, with in a single service fee. No more of  those "extra charges" which have typically been more than the original desktop software cost.

Auditors, as the ONLY OECD SAF-T compliant service in Australia, for the first time supports a fully electronic audit using our ATO registered Document Management System, and our SAF-T compliant files. All that is required is industry standard Microsoft Excel and your audit knowledge.

When combined with our Web Office Practice Management service, provides a fully integrated client management, CRM, customer billing service. 

We listen to our customers and partners; and as a online service provider we simply do things a lot faster and more efficiently than any existing desktop bound business applications, this milestone demonstrates yet again our superior business model.

Pricing and Availability
SMSF, and Personal Investor services, are an Enterprise, wholesale service available only to Industry Professionals.

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About VillageMall

VillageMall is the pioneerin developing secure next generation Internet Applications. 
VillageMall is a privately held company,
founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.
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Notes: 1 Separately Managed Account service is provided exclusively via one of our partners.