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VillageMall Web-Office is a professional  virtual office solution designed for business with a distributed workforce or several regional offices.


Brisbane, Australia,- July 2003 - VillageMall, the premier provider of Web-based applications for small business, added Business Messaging to its Web-Office service. After many years as being the "killer" application for business, Email is starting to "kill" businesses; SPAM ( estimated to be more than 50% of all emails), email based viruses and the lack of usable security is making Email one of the biggest problems facing business owners today. The control of information flows is becoming impossible for resource stretched small business owners. The management of virus and SPAM software is simply something most small business do not have the time for. The introduction of Web-Office private business messaging provides the first truly secure messaging service for companies and their employees. Business messaging will reduce SPAM to zero..., in fact no external messaging access is possible, all messages remain totally within your company and between only your authenticated employees. Private business messaging is designed for specifically to support your business processes.

"Where is your company information today?,  Email provides an open pipe, through which unrestricted information flows into and out of your company. How do you know company information is not leaking out? The provision of a totally secure messaging environment is an essential component of any business operation. We created Private Business Messaging with the vision to enable professional organisations, and functional groups within larger organisations with totally secure communications yet still be accessible from the Internet. 

This is another step in our journey of providing unique high-value applications to the small business owner." commented Charles Moore.

Established in May 1999, VillageMall Web-Office provides a suit of management applications delivered as services to Australian small business organisations. 

About VillageMall Private Messaging

Private Messaging provides the following services:

  • Inbox, Outbox and Compose features
  • Protects your corporate information, and your customers privacy
  • Messages do not leave your corporate database
  • Instant message delivery, no delivery delays.
  • No SPAM ever, as no external company access
  • All users are authenticated, so no anonymous messages
  • Remote transfer is protected via encrypted SSL security services
  • Use to remind employees of overdue timesheets etc

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About VillageMall

VillageMall is the pioneer in developing secure next generation Internet applications for small business. 
VillageMall is a privately held company,
founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.
For more information please email or visit the company Web site at