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 VillageMall Launches Human Resource Management for Australian Small Business..

VillageMall Human Resource Information System (HRIS) helps meet the legal requirements for Small Business Owners and Operators..


Brisbane, Australia,- January 2005 - VillageMall, the premier provider of Web-based applications for Australian business, with 1 to 250 employees, today announced the release of VillageMall Human Resource Information System, the latest addition to VillageMalls'  Web Office suite of fully web-based professional business applications.

A powerful companion application to VillageMall's enterprise-class
Mid-range Accounting, VillageMall HRIS is a  fully integrated service module designed to support business in meeting their legal requirements within the HR area.

People are the foundation upon which companies are built, management of your human resource is critical to small business operators; yet small companies'  tend to treat HR as a "big company" issue, even though the effect of non-compliance on a small to medium company can be devastating." said VillageMall CEO Charles Moore, upon announcing the new application." VillageMall HRIS provides a fully integrated solution to support business owners and operators in meeting their legal requirements out of the box.
Information is instantly accessible and always up-to-date."

Help meet legal requirements

  • It is a legal requirement under most Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare legislation and also an insurance requirement to report all work-related injuries. Use OH&S incidents to record and track work related OH&S incidents against your procedures.
  • Under Australian industrial legislation all workplaces should have in place documented employee counselling/discipline procedures. Use Discipline Records to record and track disciplinary events, against your procedures.


  • Graphical Organisational Chart (built in real-time)
  • Employee Information, including payroll, leave etc
  • Job/Position descriptions with employee assignments
  • Industry Awards
  • Benefits and deductions, attendance records
  • Employee contract details
  • Employment history
  • Occupational health and safety: record and track incidents
  • Employee events: record  performance, salary reviews etc
  • Disciplinary records: record warnings written or verbal, or disciplinary actions.
  • Allergies: record work related employee allergies
  • Storage and distribution of HR Policies and Procedures including revisions
  • Security: All users are assigned roles within Web Office and are granted specific security rights, protecting employee information.
  • Employee online Self Service.

HRIS helps eradicate paper trails from your office and centralises all HR information.
HRIS further provides enterprise-class applications functions to the small and medium enterprise.

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About VillageMall

VillageMall is the pioneer in developing secure next generation Internet applications for small business. 
VillageMall is a privately held company,
founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.
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