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VillageMall PocketPC Expense interface extends the VillageMall "Enter data Once" approach to the road warrior, or travelling professional


Brisbane, Australia,- November 2001 - VillageMall®, the premier provider of Web-based applications for small business, today launched its PocketPC Expense interface service.  This initiative ensures the affordable implementation and adoption of mobile applications into the VillageMall WebLedger Expense processing service, thereby supporting single data entry using the Industry standard PocketPC platform.

The end of your pay period, be it weekly, monthly or whenever is dreaded by small business operators that provide professional services. For many organizations, each pay period brings late, missing or unreadable timesheets, repetitive data entry and complicated calculations for employee pay rates and overtime/vacation rules, and simular issues for client billing. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be this way. 

"Many professionals use mobile applications as the portability allows timely and accurate collection of expense information, yet there is a need for integration into the back office applications to allow for approval and payment processing. With the introduction of PocketPC ExpensePRO service this is now a reality; and within the reach of all small business professionals." said Charles Moore, Managing director of VillageMall. Best of all the PocketPC expense service is included in the base employee service change, no new fees to pay.

"Small business operators, are always looking for a competitive advantage, VillageMall adds ongoing value to its service offerings, this is how we maintain our leadership position." commented Charles Moore.

Established in May 1999, VillageMall supports improving Australian small business productivity and cash flow will the release of  VillageMall PocketPC Expense service. 

About PocketPC ExpensePro

PocketPC ExpensePro service utilises a commercially available expense application on the PocketPC platform.  VillageMall has developed a service interface that will enable the import of data from the PocketPC directly into the Expense processing module of WebLedger. 
With WebLedger Timesheets and PocketPC ExpensePro you will:

Increase Productivity

Eliminate paper and streamline business processes to free up your key personnel to focus on the revenue-generating tasks necessary to move your business forward.

  • Enter information once (i.e., employee self-service) and eliminate double entry
  • Automate and  improve your payroll processing by collecting time, attendance, and expense data that is automatically available to  payroll and HR management systems.
  • Process employee expenses.
  • See the current status of Customer Jobs or company projects.
Billing Management 

You derive revenue from billing clients for work completed, and doing so efficiently and effectively can increase profits. Easier said than done, right? Wrong. VillageMall Timesheets allows you to generate invoice reports based on real-time data that include up-to-the minute employee hours, billing rates, and recoverable expenses. 

Maximise Revenues

Your employees' billable time is the source of your revenue. Maximise your revenue by capturing time, expenses and other products or services accurately so no billable items are lost or under-represented.

Shorten the Cash Flow Cycle

Customer Job developments and ongoing cost updates are readily available online to your client. Generate and send customised invoices at any time in the project lifecycle; accelerate the billing cycle to improve cash flow. PocketPC ExpensePRO and WebLedger Timesheets shortens the expense submit->approval->client-bill cycle.

Ease of Use
Allow your workforce to view and enter key data through universal access while on the road or at a client site.

PocketPC ExpensePro opens up WebLedger back-office applications to mobile applications that are not internet based. VillageMall believes data should only be entered once, PocketPC Expense Pro futher enhances the value of your VillageMall service. 

About VillageMall

VillageMall is a pioneer in developing secure next generation Internet applications for small business. 
VillageMall is a privately held company,
founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.
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