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Brisbane, Australia,- March 2014 - VillageMall, the pioneer of Australian on-line Solutions since 1999, today announced a Cloud based, fully integrated Accounting Practice and SMSF Administration Service.

"Our one-stop solution, uniquely allows all parties to collaborate within a single cloud based platform. Our Practice Management and SMSF Administration service is the the result of working with advisors, accountants, and auditors since 2007" said VillageMall CEO Charles Moore." It has taken many years of R&D, and Cloud based operational experience to achieve what we believe is an unique Australian Accountants Practice Solution. Many of our competitors did not exist back in 2004, and others have zero Cloud based operational experience, or are launching beta solutions."

Today, many Accounting Practices are looking at moving to the "Cloud", the typicial driving factors we often hear:

  • We just received a quote for $20k plus to upgrade our Computer servers,

  • My existing Desktop Practice manager, has not been updated for many years, and is costing me a fortune,

  • I now have several Software packages, and none of them talk to one another, or integrate into My Practice,

  • I need a Practice wide secure document management solution, that will comply with the March 2014 Privacy rules,

  • I don't want to become an IT expert, or employee an IT group, I just want concentrate on my Clients,

  • It all is getting too hard..

Accounting Practice Partners, know their business and they also know the solution is not that complex, they want a reasonable priced solution, that will remove the integration pain.

While there are some 500,000 SMSF's, the reality is that the majority of these are managed by local accounting firms with typically less than 50 funds. Also SMSF's are typically less than 50% of the Practice business, so a Practice Management solution, needs to be much more than just SMSF Administration and end of year tax returns.

At VillageMall we have been providing  a "Whole of Business solution" via our Web Office suite of services since 2004, our Practice Manager, is a customised solution, targeted at the way a typical Accounting Practice operates.

Key features of solution:

  • Use Xero Accounting for Practice Invoicing, and costing's,

  • Use Xero accounting for Client BAS/IAS processing,

  • Use latest ATO Standard Business Reporting (SBR), and practice AUSkey for all Practice compliance and ATO reporting,

  • Use our Enterprise SMSF365 SMSF administration service.

  • Make it all work together.

"Our mantra, has always been Technology, plus Specialist knowledge equals competitive advantage. In partnership with professional accounting practices, we can now deliver a best practice solution, to all Australian Accounting Practice and the SMSF market."

We listen to our customers and partners; and as a Cloud based service provider, we simply do things a lot faster and more efficiently than any existing desktop bound business applications, the introduction of  our Accounting Practice Solution demonstrates yet again our superior business model.

Pricing and Availability
Accounting Practice service, is included with any SMSF365 Practice License, and available to any Australian Accounting Practice, upon request from end of March 2014.

More information, and online signup available here.

Online Video, see Practice Manager in operation here.

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