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 VillageMall Unveils its Document Sealing Service...

Auditable document storage and archival.

Brisbane, Australia,- March 2006 - VillageMall®, the premier provider of online Business Solutions for Australian business owners and operators, today announced the release of Australia's first and only fully integrated Document Sealing Service as part of its Web Office® suite of integrated on-demand applications.

This new service provides the ability to seal certified digital originals that potentially command equal legal status with paper based documents (subject to local legislation). The sealing service provides the ability to establish an auditable record of a document’s authenticity and to securely bind it in time. This capability has direct relevance to to all business which store electronic records.

While it is easy to see if a handwritten document has been tampered with, this is not the case with electronic documents, leaving them vulnerable to undetectable manipulation and potentially untrustworthy in the eyes of the law. However, in many situations an electronic document may be the only evidence of a transaction that is available. Equally concerning is the rapid replacement of traditionally paper-based processes such as tax filing, applications for loans or mortgages and the sharing of legal statements or clinical records. These types of documents are often widely accessible within an organisation and yet present serious implications both to retention of intellectual property and organisational compliance particularly in heavily regulated industries. As a result, it is clear that producing tamper-evident, trustworthy digital originals which can maintain their evidentiary value over long periods of time, is essential as organisations move away from traditional paper-based documentation.

The VillageMall Document Sealing Service provides an additional layer of security that is bound to a document during the storage process. The sealing service cryptographically seals documents through the application of a industry standard XML digital signature and a secure and auditable time stamp. As a centralised Villagemall resource the Sealing Service is available to all Web Office customers and comes fully integrated into Web Cabinet. Unlike any other services our sealing service does not require complex setup or PKI infrastructures, all operations are carried out transparently to the company or user.

Over the last six years VillageMall has been levelling the playing field by delivering "big end of town" features and services at an affordable price, with the release of our Document Sealing Service Australian business how have access to a service that a very few if any of the largest corporations have
," said VillageMall CEO Charles Moore, upon announcing the new service. "Our Document Sealing Service is totally transparent to the user and hence requires no setup or training to use, yet though our extensive integration, provides superior features to dedicated applications costing many thousands of $$. Villagemall is committed to delivering big-business applications in a form suitable for use by Australian Business with one to 300 employees, at a price point which is simply beyond the capability of our competitors.."

Document Sealing: provides the ability to establish an auditable record of a document’s authenticity and to securely bind the document in time with a certified digital timestamp.

Pricing and Availability
Document sealing is included with all Web Office
® subscriptions at no additional costs.

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