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 Small Companies run their Business from the Web..

VillageMall provides a complete business application solution
 for small business owners.


Brisbane, Australia,- January 2004 - VillageMall, the premier provider of Web-based applications for small business, launched its Small Business SolutionAfter three years of experience working with small business owners, we realised, that there still exists significant barriers for the 1-20 employee company compared to our mid-sided 20 to 250 customers, in achieving the cost reductions, or simply doing more with existing resources. We saw an opportunity to provide a complete one-stop solution for these small enterprises.

Reject the cost, risk, and complexity of traditional business software, or the high cost of getting a small business online. VillageMall is committed to freeing small business owners from traditional software and its hidden costs, high failure rates, unacceptable risks, and protracted implementations. All while providing a comprehensive, flexible business solution that meets the needs of small businesses owners and operators with 1 to 20 employees.

Save up to 90% by eliminating hidden costs
As a completely integrated on-demand service, there is no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade, or coordination of multiple paries to get your business online. In fact there are no establishment fees associated with VillageMall services, and no third party integration problems, we take full responsibility for providing your Villagemall solution. This equates to savings of as much as 90% compared to similar solutions. Additionally we normally have your company solution up-and-running the same day as your apply.

"All small business owners know that the internet is the cheapest medium for conducting business, but how does one start?. The opportunity to increase sales, without increasing staff, and still maintain that personalised customer service is a goal of most small business owners. But the entry costs associated with going on-line has been a barrier to small business owners, until the introduction of VillageMall Small Business Solution. We created our Small Business Solution, with the vision to enable small business to go on-line, with the minimum of hassles.
VillageMall's single subscription price of $100 per month includes everything a small business needs to go on-line, so that unlike traditional software, you won't be surprised later by hidden people and technology costs that can quickly add up to as much as ten times the original cost. We provide the one-stop-shop business application solution, accessible securely over the web with nothing to download, enabling anytime, anywhere collaboration with your customers and staff. This is another step to level the playing field for small business owners and operators." commented Charles Moore, founder of VillageMall.

Small business Solution,

  • Web Email, corporate email;
  • Web Portal, your corporate website;
  • Web Store, sell your goods or services online; and
  • Web Ledger-Small Business, full feature financial management.

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About VillageMall

VillageMall is the pioneer in secure next generation Internet based applications for small to Medium business (5 to 250 employees). VillageMall is a privately held company, founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.
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