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 Wholesale Private Host, SMSF solution from $5 per SMSF, for Accounting Practices..

Cloud based, private hosted, Self Managed Super Fund platform allows Advisors, Accountants and Auditors
 to  "in-source" professional services to SMSF Trustees.

Brisbane, Australia,- December 2012 - VillageMall, the pioneer of Australian on-line Solutions, today announced a breakthrough cloud based private host service option, for  wholesale, SMSF Administration Service, designed for accountants and SMSF administrators. This service starts from $5 per SMSF, and matches the traditional volumes pricing of desktop SMSF software. New entrants into the on-demand world are expecting existing practices and their clients to change from an existing $5 per fund to a minium of $150 per fund. Our unique architecture and extensive online software experience, over the last 12 year  allows us to match the traditional software only  price point.. "Simply Google SMSF software and look at their cloud based prices, note some of these services are actually "vapour" or "future" ware.. SMSF365 is a full feature SMSF administration services, with a fixed licence fee, no feature extra's to pay for" said VillageMall CEO Charles Moore.

"As the pioneer in online, web based solutions for over 12 years, we are pleased to extend our wholesale services to offer a private hosted service. All client data remains within Australian jurisdiction, and full ownership of the service and all client data remains with the Partner. Ownership and control underpin the typical accounting practice, hence we are pleased to offer this unique service, which does not change the way a practice operates, yet provides the economies of scale via fully managed cloud based services. Our SMSF Administration platform is the the result of working with advisors, accountants, and auditors of our Web Superfund service, launched back in 2004" said VillageMall CEO Charles Moore. "It has taken many years of operational experience to achieve what we believe is an unique Australian SMSF Administration Solution."

SMSF365 is a unique 100% automated  managed investment data entry when combined with our Broker Portfolio Service (BPS), some groups state fully automated, but never deliver, BPS is read only, there si no way to enter data, as such we can with confidence we state it is a 100% automated, this included 100% of the corporate actions both within Australian and globally, across 16 currencies.

Unfortunately we cannot 100% automate SMSF administration and SMSF tax returns, hence we offer a wholesale solution to SMSF administration and Accounting Practices.

"Our mantra, has always been Technology, plus Specialist knowledge equals competitive advantage. In partnership with professional services providers, we can now deliver world best practice solutions to the Australian SMSF market."

Advisors, and Trustees have online access to real-time portfolio positions. The latter is something that no existing advisors platform can provide, as the portfolio service is divorced from the actual SMSF fund operation. When combined with our real-time investment strategy compliance check all parties can for the first time be assured of a match between the plan and actual investments. Our many years of experience has shown that most advisors, and trustees are unable to state that their existing investments are compliant, as required under the SIS Act.

Auditors, as the ONLY OECD SAF-T compliant service in Australia, for the first time supports a fully electronic audit using our ATO registered Document Management System, and our SAF-T compliant files. All that is required is industry standard Microsoft Excel and your audit knowledge.

Lastly, we pass on the economies of scale afforded by "Cloud"  infrastructure providers like Amazon in Sydney Australia, ensuring a true "Enterprise" solution for traditional "cottage" industry accounting practices..

Typically our accounting practices can offer a complete online access to daily reconciled investments, plus an end of year SMSF tax return, audit, and AAS25 financials for less than the cost of the "leading" desktop SMSF accounting software..

Why be an accountant, when you can have a fully managed SMSF admin service for less cost, and the peace of mind that you ahev professional accountants doing the hard work for you.

Pricing and Availability
SMSF365 is available, to process the 2012 tax return, to any Accounting practice from today.
This is not a retail service offering, and only available as a wholesale service.

The $5 per SMSF, is only available via a cloud based "Private Host SMSF365" service, and is available to  Accounting and SMSF administration Practices, which meet our minium volume requirements, from today.

More information, and non private host pricing see here.

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