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 Web-Bookkeeper challenges the traditional accounting service model..

VillageMall Business Services provides a complete outsourced Book Keeping service to Australian Micro and Small Business owners.


Brisbane, Australia,- May 2004 - VillageMall®, the premier provider of Web-based applications, launched its first VillageMall Business Service: Web-Book KeeperVillageMall® Business Services provides a range of standardised services to small and medium business owners. Combining VillageMall's superior technologies with selected professional service providers VillageMall delivers best practice Business Services for a single monthly fee.

"The inefficiencies within the accounting services industry present an ideal opportunity for VillageMall® to change the way small businesses and accountants interact and utilise data and information technologies. VillageMall® expects to reduce the total cost of accounting through efficiency, economies of scale and productivity improvements in the ‘accounting process’ and thereby generate higher profit margins than any other entities providing general accounting, bookkeeping and related services to small businesses.

VillageMall® believes that existing general accounting processes are inefficient, cumbersome, labour intensive and expensive to manage. In the same manner VillageMall® has successfully pioneered superior ways of developing and deploying Business Solutions, we have applying the same principles to the provision of services resulting in VillageMall-Business-Services." commented Charles Moore.

Saving you money

Our goal is to remove you from the hassles of "accounting for your business" by providing a cost-effective alternative to maintaining your bookkeeping, tax compliance and payroll functions.

Specifically we save you money because the VillageMall® Business Services:
  • Eliminates the cost of owning desktop accounting software, training and support maintenance;
  • Eliminates the cost of employing a bookkeeper and paying unnecessary fees to an accountant charging out at an hourly rate;
  • Reduces the cost of managing payroll;
  • We use a mixture of skills to achieve an optimum result for your business;

Through efficiencies created from the unique combination of our unique technologies and sharing expensive professional services among the VillageMall community of companies. The efficiencies we make are passed on to you ensuring the cost of our service is lowest possible.

Fixed service fee

Most small business need to manage their costs, and the cost of business services is no different. VillageMall Business services are based on a fixed fee, agreed in advance and paid monthly. You always know how much each service will cost.

No Software, No Training & No Maintenance Required

There is no accounting software to buy and maintain, no training courses to attend – all you need is a fax machine or a computer with access to the Internet.

As part of the VillageMall® service, you simply send us your bills and and bank statements either via fax and we will perform the data entry or simply enter them via our Cashbook interface, there is no accounting functionality it's just data entry.

No Bookkeeping, No Accounting, No Knowledge of Accounting or Tax Law Required

Our team of skilled professionals will use their expertise, our innovative technologies and efficient work practices to process your transactions at our data centre. We will generate accurate and meaningful reports and maintain your business information, to help you meet your statutory compliance obligations (BAS/IAS, PAYG, Business Tax Returns), and better manage your financial affairs.

Immediate Access To Data, Information & Documents

You can use the service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, wherever you have access to a computer – at home, in the office, or on the road. VillageMall is registered as meeting the requirements of the Australian Tax Office for “Storage of Paper Records in Electronic Form” this provides you the confidence your electronic records will be accepted as part of any future audit.


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About VillageMall

VillageMall is the pioneerin secure web-based applications for Small to Medium business (5 to 250 employees). VillageMall is a privately held company, founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.
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