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 Online Investment solutions for Brokers, Advisors and their Clients

VillageMall Web Portfolio enables Advisors and their Clients to collaborate online.


Brisbane, Australia,- November 2009 - VillageMall®, the premier provider of Web-based applications provider, today launched its Web-Portfolio. This initiative provides the next generation of online investment and ordering applications to Brokers, Advisors and their clients. Our online Web Portfolio administration service, eliminates the need to wait for a statement to check client valuations, or sort through the shoebox of dividend and corporate action notifications. By keeping all the information about a clients investments on one online system, the client, advisor and brokers is able to review and analyse a portfolio at any time. VillageMall has introduced an affordable Portfolio management system for brokers, their advisors and clients.

Each Web Portfolio includes full compliance tracking of investment strategy against total portfolio position, based upon latest available close of day price feeds. A single page report identifies any non compliance issues enabling timely correcting actions. Integrated digital signatures allows online client sign-off to investment strategy.

"Investors and their advisors know how time consuming the end of year taxation issues can be, Web Portfolio provides a personal investor "tax pack" which is sent to their tax agent. Using the very latest online data feeds, allows an almost fully automated daily processing and auditing of a portfolio position and valuation. The opportunity to provide all parties, with daily up-to-date, accurate information  has not been possible until the introduction of VillageMall Web-Portfolio. Within the current turbulent markets world-wide, one cannot wait until the end of year to make investment and taxation decisions." commented Charles Moore.

Established in May 1999, VillageMall supports Australian personal and professional investors with the release of  VillageMall Web-Portal. 

About VillageMall Web Portfolio

The best decisions cannot be made without accurate and up-to-date information. Keeping track of an investment portfolio is crucial to allow the right decisions about investments to be made and to manage the associated tax position. Specifically designed with this in mind, our online Web Portfolio administration service provides a daily accurate and comprehensive summary reporting on the investment portfolio.

Web Portfolio, provides your clients a fully integrated, next generation automated Portfolio and tax reporting system, which cuts the hours spent by investors collating their contract notes, dividend statements and other security related documentation received throughout the year. Provide your clients a complete view of all their investments.

Villagemall's unique Automation RobotTM works tirelessly after hours, performing all the portfolio tasks, including an extensive set of quality assurance tests, to ensure that each morning there is a fully audited up-to-date daily position.

We provide the fully integrated platform, with ASX third-party clearing and custodian services, this is the only Portfolio system to match on a daily basis, processed contracts, corporate actions, dividends etc for equities and options against chess, and margin lending account holdings.

Web-Portfolio  opens up this ‘next generation’ of capabilities to all Australian brokers, advisors and their clients.

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About VillageMall

VillageMall is a pioneer in developing secure next generation Internet applications for small business
VillageMall is a privately held company,
founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.
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