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 Web-Publishing challenges the publisher gatekeeper model..

VillageMall provides a complete online content publishing, and syndication solution.


Brisbane, Australia,- February 2004 - VillageMall, the premier provider of Web-based applications, launched its Web-Publisher SolutionJust as MP3 technology pulled the rug out from under the iron-fisted recording industry -- putting the power of digital music distribution in the hands of consumers and artists -- Web self-publishing with inbuilt subscription or pay-per-view  management technology is poised to push old-school publishing giants aside.

Under the current publishing model, publishers serve as gatekeepers who have the infrastructure in place to determine what information will be available to consumers. However, digital distribution is dramatically changing that cost limitation and opening the door for new authors, content formats, and self-publishing. This is especially true of professional Newsletters, Journals and Magazines which have high value content with limited life-time.

Put the decision in the hands of the consumer, with industry standard content syndication which delivers content to the consumers desktop. Web-publisher uses a combination of the traditional Publisher processes, peer and user reviews, to give the browsing customer information to make a decision.

Gain greater efficiency by fully leverage digital processes for managing content from creation to delivery and distribution and by integrating all processes, thus making every step along the way much faster and more efficient.

Create interactive content, inbuilt ratings and feedback, helps target material to meet your readership requirements. The days of static content is very limited, consumers expect content to match their expectation or needs, or they simply move on. Additionally authors get instant feedback on their articles, enabling them to better target the material to the actual readership, a win-win for all involved.

Web Publisher improves business processes, resulting in faster and more efficient production. Newsletters, Articles cost less and get out the door more quickly; our inbuilt Really Simple Syndication (RSS) service distributes content, directly to subscribers, overcoming all SPAM or email rejection problems. Newspapers have used specialist wire-services to filter and deliver time-sensitive information to journalists for many years. The Internet is full of information, but who has the time to find it, syndication allows consumers to control what information is delivered to their desktop. Web-Publisher provides the subscription, or pay-per-view infrastructure to make electronic publishing a successful business proposition.

"The entry costs associated with on-line publishing has been a barrier to many professionals, until the introduction of VillageMall Web-Publisher. We created our Web-Publishing  Solution, with the vision to enable professionals with high-value knowledge, to combine that knowledge with our technologies to deliver the a valued result directly to the widest possible consumer.
VillageMall's subscription price of $60 per month includes everything a business needs to publish online, and syndicate their content directly to partners, or consumers. We provide the one-stop-shop web-publishing solution, accessible securely over the Internet with nothing to download, enabling anytime, anywhere access." commented Charles Moore, founder of VillageMall.

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About VillageMall

VillageMall is the pioneerin secure web-based applications for Small to Medium business (5 to 250 employees). VillageMall is a privately held company, founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.
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