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WebLedger Gives Professionals Easy-to-use,
Reliable and Secure Internet Based Accounting, Anywhere, Anytime


Brisbane, Australia,- Sep 2001 - VillageMall, the premier provider of Web-based applications for small business, today launched the its next generation of  business management applications aimed at the professional market. Designed and supported entirely in Australia;  WebLedger-Professional is the second in a series of integrated, cost-saving business applications the company is developing to address the needs of today’s small businesses. Based on enterprise platforms, WebLedger delivers the reliability of an corporate accounting solutions combined with the ease of use of small business accounting packages. WebLedger-Professional starts at only A$25 per month, which is less than your mobile phone, and is accessible using an industry standard Web browser.

Professionals understand  'time is money', WebLedger-Professional works the way they work anywhere, anytime.  A web-based application like this allows busy professionals to enter billing and travel expense information, via integrated timesheets, and issue the bill before leaving the job.  The Internet is a part of most professionals job, why have an accounting system that is not online as well,” said Charles Moore, managing director of VillageMall.  "The key to helping business grow is to address the productivity of your  people, its not how much time you have available,  but how you use it that is important in today's economic environment.  By making administrative tasks easier and quicker to complete, professionals have more time to do billable  work. "We enable companies to make the best use of their most valuable assets – their people," affirms Charles Moore. "We help improve their business performance by automating business processes, and we do this via the Internet anywhere anytime."

Established in May 1999, VillageMall is setting the standard in the outsourced small business application space with its release of WebLedger-Professional. Other business applications include web-orders and future, direct  business-to-business transactions via VillageMall's patent pending technologies. 

About WebLedger-Professional Accounting

VillageMall’s internet-based IT platform, enables professionals and their clients to enter transactions, view reports and access data in real-time. It includes full accounts receivable and accounts payable tracking, payroll, asset management along with fully integrated timesheet and travel expense processing and as you would expect a single button processes and pays your monthly BAS returns.  

Reliability and Enterprise Power for Small Business

WebLedger brings the power of the industry-leading Microsoft SQL server 2000 database and an enterprise quality infrastructure at a competitive price to the professional. 

"Most small business professionals, would prefer to spend time on the job, but accounting, compliance and billing are essential for the bottom line cash flow.  Location is irrelevant with WebLedger as it can be accessed anywhere with a web browser. This makes time and expense collection much easier and efficient for companies with workers who are geographically dispersed as well as with contractors." said Charles Moore. WebLedger -  levels the playing field for small businesses professionals, providing them powerful applications to run their business, and with significant cost savings."

Price and Availability

WebLedger-Professional is available now starting from A$25 per month. 

Contact VillageMall and ask about how WebLedger can help your cash flow today.

Compare WebLedger with existing accounting solutions and we  believe you will move up to WebLedger solution today..

 About VillageMall

VillageMall is a pioneer in developing next generation secure applications for the Internet. VillageMall is a privately held company, founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. For more information please email or visit the company Web site.

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