Business Alliance Program


Partnership Philosophy

At VillageMall, we consider our business partners a natural extension of our own organisation. By working closely together and aligning our efforts and strategies, we can increase the quality and profitability of our solutions. 

VillageMall looks to partner with other independent entrepreneurs to compete with the mega corporations, in the supply of specialist business solutions to small and medium enterprises.

VillageMall presents the following Opportunity areas for entrepreneurs:

Technology Partners

To provide a worlds best practice solution such as VillageMall, within an  evolving e-business environment, we select the best-of-breed technologies and integrate them into business solutions. In some cases these will be global products, such as Microsoft, but we believe in the ability of the independent entrepreneur to provide first-to-market solutions. Our criteria is that they are Simply the Best...

All VillageMall Applications are developed using DotNet technologies.  

Business Partners

VillageMall, understands that technology is only a small part of providing the best of breed solution. We seek to partner with professionals that provide complementary benefits to our clients. In a most cases these will be local relationships, but in number of cases these may be national relationships to met the needs of VillageMalls client base. In all cases VillageMall seeks partners that will tailor their services to their local customers. Service is part of the VillageMall difference.

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Private Investors Partners

VillageMall is a private held company, we welcome private investment within VillageMall to share in the risks and returns.  The ideal investor is a someone who understands that small to medium business are the backbone of the Australian economy into the next century. 

Software as a Service (SaaS)  has come of Age!
NetSuite's initial public offering has raised US$185.4 million, close to double the amount the company originally forecast the IPO would generate and a positive sign for the market of hosted, software-as-a-service business applications."

VillageMall Node Partners

VillageMall is committed to a Network of local VillageMall's, serving  local communities. While VillageMall technologies allow VillageMall services to be provided via a Mega service center, this is not part of our Vision;  local VillageMall nodes provide the appropriate framework to make VillageMall a national success for all parties. The ideal VillageMall node owner  is a independent entrepreneur that understands the local business owners and can maximizes the community benefits to the local VillageMall community. VillageMall is committed to providing the right support, world class technologies and national infrastructures to make each VillageMall a success.  Own your part of VillageMall today, contact us to lean more about becoming a VillageMall node owner.

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