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VillageMall understands the a barrier to widespread acceptance of VillageMall online services is useable, and appropriate security services. VillageMall security technologies and services, makes VillageMall safer than the local Village shopping center.  VillageMall utilises world class best practice security technologies, to ensure that we have a safe and secure environment to conduct our business.

What's an example of VillageMall security?

We provide a scaleable set of security services from simple passwords over a secure channel, though to token based access, in all cases you have a private, encrypted link to your WebOffice business information, essential to ensure your information is just that "yours". 

VillageMall uses only the strongest cryptography, including minimum of 1024bit keys, and 128bit encryption. Look for the secure symbol whenever you access our site. 

How secure is VillageMall?

VillageMall uses worlds best practice in its selection and development of its services.

Check out our claims in Security Best Practices.

How much security?

VillageMall understands there is no single security solution for all businesses. How much security is a business risk management question, that always has cost benefit trade-offs to make.  At VillageMall we provide a scaleable range of security services that allows you to match the security services to your acceptable business risk profile. Additionally our security services can be changed, as required, to meet your changing business.

At VillageMall we understand security, and its relationship to business, VillageMall can provide expert consultancy to help your company make the right choice.

Digital IDs ?

VillageMall uses secure authentication using the Digital ID technologies based on the VillageMall Public key cryptography Infrastructure.

This technology can also used to protect communications between VillageMall servers and each of its member company clients, suppliers, and employees; no-one can pretend to be you, non-one can deny that they made the purchase or requested the goods, or accepted the order, in fact this is just like the old days when a handshake was the deal.

VillageMall protects all its infrastructure with dedicated security firewalls and cryptographic based authentication for all our critical infrastructure. Our success in the marketplace is dependent on our security and we know it. As each VillageMall is local and run by a real business people,  just like yourself. The VillageMall difference!

What are our Policies?

VillageMall as a secure system,  each of its elements are subject to our security policy. 

The following Policies are available:

We understand that security is more than cryptography visit our VillageMall WebLedger security area for more details.


Install the VillageMall  "Trust Point"

Only "you" the user of a security service can make the decision about who or what you trust!

Unlike the many so-called "secure" sites, VillageMall requires you to make an explicit decision about who you want to trust. In particular you should question why Microsoft has pre-installed hundreds of trust points,  without your consent , or even advising you.  In fact with the introduction of Windows XP, all your computers trust points can be modified by Microsoft at anytime, via windows update technologies!!!
We have developed a set of instructions on how to remove these so called trust points from your computer.

The first time you connect to VillageMall, if you don't already have a Digital ID from VillageMall,  you will be asked you to establish VillageMall as one of your trust points, due to the VillageMall technologies, all the required certificates etc will be made available to you as part of this process. To establish VillageMall as one of your trusted entities please follow the instructions;  you will only have to perform this Trust establishment once.

Detailed Instructions are also available here .

You should be wary of using any site, that does not require you to establish Trust explicitly.....


Village Token™ 

VillageMall introduces Village Token 

VillageMall has selected and provides only best practice token technology that securely houses your private keys ( your electronic persona)  needed to access VillageMall services, just like your house keys or bankcard today ( and yes we are working on making the VillageMall token the only token you will need). All tokens require a personal identification number (PIN), just like your bankcards cards, within the security world this is called two factor authentication, what you have; the token, and what you know; the PIN. 
Notice : The VillageMall Hardware Token Program has been suspended, due to the lack of long term commercially viable solutions for customers. Hardware tokens will continue to be used, as required, within the VillageMall network infrastructure.

E-commerce, and merchant costs are prohibitive?

The VillageMall way, is to provide the worlds best secure infrastructures to support all its villagers, we invest in secure transaction servers that process VillageMall transactions o the appropriate recipients, this infrastructure enables everyone to share in the cost effective solution. Stay tuned for the results as we complete our Village construction.

This is just the beginning.......

For questions or further information contact