The Small Business Resource
VillageMall® provides the following resources to assist the Australian Small Business Operator.

Going Into Business
Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Questions asked by people in small business or contemplating starting a new business.

Your Business on the Internet
The Internet and online business applications can help run your business. You can cut overheads, increase your efficiency and attract more customers.

Buying or Selling a Business
The decision to buy or sell a business requires careful consideration of the many factors involved.

Food for Thought
For those times all small business owners have. 

Feasibility Study

Researching Your Idea
Information is critical to the success of any business. Regardless of whether you're starting up from scratch or getting another perspective...

Can I Make Money? 
Perhaps the most crucial question in starting a new business will be determining the feasibility of your idea.

Home based Business
How does your family react to the idea of a home business? Will you expect them to help out? What changes would your business use of the house mean for them?


    Sales and Marketing
    One of the greatest needs of managers of business is to understand and develop marketing programs for their products and services.

    International Sales 
    The international market is much larger than the local market. Growth rates in many overseas markets far outpace domestic market growth.


Profit Planning

Developing a Profit Plan for Your Business 
The main goal of a business is to make a profit. In order to plan for profit you must deal with the numbers. Here is a guide that will take you step by step in developing a plan that will take care of your bottom line. 

How to go Broke! 
Ten ways to go broke.


How to Cut Your Expenses
There are two ways to increase your profits. One is by increasing your sales, the other is by reducing your costs. Here's a guide that will help you increase your profits by cutting your expenses in an organized fashion.

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