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Why a Web Office?

Online software, available
as services, eliminates the need to purchase, upgrade, or maintain software on your computer, and uniquely provides a completely integrated set of services from human resources, financial management, sales force automation to Customer Relationship Management, with partner and employee sales commission calculation and reporting.

VillageMall services were designed to overcome the numerous shortcomings found in today's desktop business and accounting software. Web Office distinguishes itself from many other software on the market by functioning as the heartbeat, the core of your entire organisation. Web Office provides the tools and functionality to streamline processes, reduce expenses, and most of all, to increase productivity. Web Office is unmatched as a cost effective, Business Solution to manage all the key business processes in a single, integrated service.
There is no hardware to procure, no large capital outlays or maintenance fees associated with your server hardware or software, and no complex set-ups. You can be up and running within Hours. VillageMall is the one-stop shop for all your online business requirements. No integration costs, or finger pointing when you want support.
Since VillageMall’s first online accounting application launch in 1999, we have continued to expanded our offerings, based upon customer feedback. Today we uniquely support a suite of completely integrated business management applications for companies from 1 to 200 employees. Compare our service features with anyone worldwide, then compare our prices. We strive to be the best, provider of business applications as services for Australian small to medium business.

Web Office includes Web Ledger accounting service, a fully integrated account receivables, account payables, inventory, employee timesheets, expense processing, asset management, and payroll, all fully accessible via the Web.

  • End the headache of using multiple incompatible programs.
  • Save time and money by automating manual business processes.
  • Access key information from anywhere, at anytime—even from multiple locations.
  • Improve efficiencies by giving customers, employees and suppliers self-service access.

All VillageMall Services are 100% Australian designed, developed and supported, we have total control over our services. Web Ledger, your next generation accounting solution, has been specifically developed to meet Australian business practices and regulatory requirements; including our continually evolving  taxation system. Web Ledger, and Web Office are registered with the Australian Tax Office.
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