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Use of VillageMall protocol specifications by developers is conditional on acceptance of this Agreement. To become a registered developer please complete the agreement and return to VillageMall.

1. Access to test services is provided free of fees for Australia Small Business1 Developers. 
2. Others cost  $5,000, which includes 10 hours of technical support and access to our test servers. There is a $1,000 annual renewal fee.
Please send details to VillageMall.
2. Limited, reasonable support for VillageMall specifications is included within item 1. Support relating to  non VillageMall specific specifications  ( i.e. commercially available specifications and services)  is subject to our standard support terms and conditions.

Note 1. Small Business is an Australian registered business which is independently owned and operated, with close control over operations and decisions held by the owners. Business equity is not publicly traded and business financing is personally guaranteed by the owners. The business will have less than twenty employees.