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Data Security

A system provides data security if the data stored within the system is invulnerable to theft, sabotage, or other forms of unwarranted intrusion or alteration. VillageMall ensures data security through the use of multiple security technologies, including:
  • SQL server database that store customer information in secure Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database servers providing integrated state-of-the-art data security and integrity.
  • Separate database Every company has their own separate secure database, which is backed up daily.
  • Online user backup Each company may backup their company accounting data onto their site using vendor independent, International OECD SAF-T file formats.
  • Automatic Digital Signatures, with inbuilt user initiated  integrity checking on all corporate Web Cabinet documents.
  • Windows 2003 Servers, and security infrastructure to prevent access to both applications and data by unauthorised hosts.
  • Microsoft Dot Net Framework, all VillageMall services are built upon the Dot Net 2.0 framework, which provides extensive security capabilities utilised by our applications.
  • Multi-level Hardware firewalls which limit access to both applications and data to authorised services.
  • Due to economies of scale, it is likely that VillageMall can protect your data better than you can. For the same reason you keep your money in a bank instead of your mattress, you will want to keep your data with an enterprise online repository.
Once a user has been authorised to use the companies accounting system,  user-defined roles and permissions determine which functions and data are available to specified users. These permissions can be used by customers to delegate different levels of access and authority to their employees, accountants, and customers.