WebLedger Professional Web-Based Accounting
Drop Ship/Ship to Customer

Ship to Customer Solution provides:
  • Improved Customer Service with rapid order fulfilment and interactive order status information.
  • Lower costs by creating an inventory-less distribution network.
  • Greater Visibility for Suppliers by providing up to date inventory and order status information.

Ship to Consumer solution helps a vendor community process orders that do not move through the inventory of the retailer or distributor. Even though you never take inventory, it remains a top priority to still provide your customers with a quality, branded experience. To solve this problem, your vendors provide you with on going inventory updates to prevent customers from ordering products that are out of stock. Once an order is placed, customer support is provided with a constant stream of information concerning order pickup, order shipments, and order tracking. If any order encounters a problem or delay, customer support can be automatically notified to take appropriate and timely action. To assist in delivering a branded experience, customer specific shipping labels (complete with your information) are automatically generated for the vendor. Packing slips, returns, and even special messages, to be included with the shipment, can also be automatically generated for the vendor. All these features, plus traditional electronic exchange of orders, invoices and shipping information help automate and improve the experience of such a complex order management process.

1. Supplier Provides Retailer On-Going Inventory Information

2. Consumer Places Order w/Retailer

3. Retailer Places Low Volume Order w/Supplier

4. Supplier Ships to Consumer

5. Supplier Provides Retailer On-Going Order Information

6. Retailer Provides Consumer On-Going Order Information

Only Web Ledger enables Australian small business to participate online with typical "Large Corporate" supply chain organisations via inbuilt support for International EDIFACT Orders.

Villagemall sample EDIFACT 96A Order, PDF Order

Standard Support:

  • RFC 1767 MIME Encapsulation of EDI Objects