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The marketplace is a tough place for any business to compete in. It is also a place with unlimited opportunities for success. Your future is determined not only by your strategy and your product line but most importantly by how efficient your business is.

Web Office
® accounting distinguishes itself from many other software packages on the market by functioning as the heartbeat, the core of not just the accounting department, but your entire organization. Web Ledger success lies in  integrating all your team seamlessly and maximises profits by creating a paperless information flow among your people, and across functions.

What's more, it grows with your business and caters to your changing needs by allowing you to scale up at a fraction of the cost of acquiring multiple third-party software.

Web Ledger
provides companies with a versatile suite of totally integrated mid-range financial management applications for small to medium (5 to 250 employees) owners and operators. As a fully internet-accessible, hosted solution, Web Ledger significantly reduces your total cost of ownership. There is no software to install, no per-module costs, no hardware to purchase and maintain, and no upgrades requiring complex re-implementation over time. Our IT team manages your maintenance, support, and upgrades; including tax tables. As a result, you can focus on running your business, while VillageMall  runs your software.

Web Ledger will help you run your business, through:
  • Anywhere access. Unlike traditional accounting software, Web Ledger allows secure access from any Internet-connected computer—at the office, at home,  in the airport lounge, or even on the road. Open that new office by just adding additional access accounts.
  • Networked Collaboration. Work online with  business partners, accountants, access in any number of different locations. Everyone can view and interact with the same real-time accounting data. 
  • Self-service portal. Give employees, clients or customers, access  enabling them to enter transactions, review and track progress on their own.
  • Full featured accounting. Web Ledger provides fully integrated set of mid-range accounting features at a budget price. How?, through our superior technologies and our service model.
  • A virtual IT department. VillageMall operates and maintains the infrastructure, allowing you to spend less time on computing activities and more on your core business.  There's no hardware to buy, no networks to build, no accounting software to install or upgrade.
  • No application virus problems: as no VillageMall software is required to run on your workstation, there is no software to infect your workstation. Should your workstation become infected from an external or internal source, your VillageMall business data is secured from infection from your workstation. 
  • We listen to our Users 90% of VillageMalls' new feature development comes from user requests. We listen to customers around the world to learn what it takes to build a better business solution, because they use our products every single day. Web Ledger is the result of over 7 years of working with our customers.

  • Our business depends on ongoing subscription revenue. Every month, we need to demonstrate outstanding value to our customers in order to keep your business. That's plenty of motivation to keep innovating and improving VillageMalls' Business Solutions.

  • World class customer support Most customer-support issues are resolved within hours, not days. Our email support hotline is available 24/7 and our support contract customers enjoy access to telephone support during business hours. We understand that our products are used in your billing, payroll, and/or project management, so we know that a problem could mean a delay in a paycheque or an invoice. That's why we take support seriously and why we've received such praise from customers for our prompt and friendly assistance.

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