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VillageMall’s payroll solutions provides a  comprehensive and affordable solution for small to medium sized businesses (1-250 employees), accountants and payroll service providers. We also offer human resource solutions to enable businesses of any size to take a comprehensive approach to their employee relationship management. VillageMall payroll is the basis of  Web Payroll our Bureau service, which is required to process large volumes of payroll data quickly and accurately.

As expected VillageMall has the latest employee Super Choice issues covered..

Processing employees’ payments is something every employer has to do.  With the introduction of complex payroll, and superannuation legislation over recent years, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the amount of paperwork involved in processing payments manually, not to mention the need to keep up with the changes to legislation and the many calculations involved.

VillageMall Payroll brings confidence and peace of mind that your employees’ payments are being calculated correctly, since it has completed the Australian Tax Office payroll tests and is registered  with the ATO, signifying that the product is up to date and covers all those areas considered essential for the accurate calculation of Australian tax, and statutory payments.

Increase Productivity

Eliminate paper and streamline business processes to free up your key personnel to focus on the revenue-generating tasks necessary to move your business forward. VillageMall solutions help you:

  • Eliminate double entry by entering information once
  • Automate workflow and manager approval of timesheets, and travel expenses.
  • Automatic, update of Tax tables performed by VillageMall
  • Employees have real-time access to all expense payments, payslips, payment summaries and their own pay details.
  • You can provide your  Customers login access to approve their timesheets on-line saving you and your customer time and money.
  • Send payslips to employees via email

Meet Regulatory Requirements

  • Work Choices record keeping requirements (March 2007).
  • Choice of Superannuation Fund records.
  • Payslip details

Ease of Use

Allow your workforce to view and enter key data through universal access while on the road or at a client site. VillageMall solutions make it easy to:

  • Enter and track time from wherever work takes you - the client's office, an airport terminal, or anywhere on Earth
  • Timesheets awaiting approvals, are queued for processing, employee and manger have access to real-time information.
  • Co-ordinate payroll activities though secure message reminders

The Solution That's Right For You

Web Ledger offers an online payroll service, fully integrated with Web Ledger accounting, no synchronisation (export) your company accounts are always up-to-date. The payroll service performs all key payroll functions, including wage and salary calculations, benefit and tax deductions, electronic payments and deposits, group certificates, and superannuation fund payments, and employee superannuation reports. Uniquely Web Ledger generates payment records for each of your employee super funds, you pay them just like any other supplier.

Your payments group  will appreciate the ability to pay all your employees with a single button, including bank transfer file generation.
Any casual (hourly) or overtime payments are collected and processed from the Timesheets module after management approval. VillageMall payroll can also process approved  travel expenses within a pay run.

You can give your employees access to login and enter their time records. All the information they enter will automatically flow into payroll so that you can easily calculate accurate pay checks without time-consuming double entry. And, all payroll information instantly updates Web Ledger Accounting so you will always have an accurate view of your company's overall financial picture. And, you never have to worry about subscribing to, or installing new tax tables. All tables are updated automatically whenever ATO changes occur.

Employee Self  Service

Each employee has their own "account" which allows them to update their own contact, banking, payments splits;  and access online payslips, expense payments,  superannuation payment reports, even their end of year payment summary reports for Tax return processing.

Employee self service reduces the overheads per employee and improves employee satisfaction. We all know how sensitive employees and their pays are..


  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Employees can have one or more Superfund's
  • Handles salary, hourly, employees
  • Allows flexible pay periods
  • Calculates earnings and deductions
  • Current ATO tax tables are included at no extra charge
  • Handles employee superannuation payment reports
  • Supports under 18 and minimum gross wage employee SGC exemptions
  • Calculates and tracks sick and vacation time
  • Process pay checks, or bank transfers
  • Multiply employee payment accounts or splits
  • Generates ATO approved end of year Payment Summary files.
  • Produces ATO approved plain paper payment summaries.
  • Create and assign employees to industry awards
  • Fully integrated with Web Office HR functions.

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