Professional Web-Based Accounting
Sales Orders
Striking the right balance between providing the best service and developing efficient and easy sales order procedures is a key factor in sales leadership.  You need a system with enough flexibility to provide superior customer service, while streamlining fulfilment operations.  VillageMall Sales Order gives you the power, flexibility and control you need to keep your competitive edge.  It will help you streamline ordering, picking, shipping and invoicing routines, and it provides real-time information you need to quickly process and ship orders.  Most important, Sales Order offers quick access to data you need to make the right decisions.

Complete detailed history information for all sales orders can be displayed using Production Order History display. Sales orders is fully integrated with Web Store, allowing customer entered orders to be processed within Sales Order module.

 Sales Order provides the following features:

  • Supports Customer and Local entered Sales Orders,
  • Process Customer entered Web Store orders (via to-do list)
  • Standard workflow or quick order processing
  • Approval of Customer orders, results visible to Customer via Web Store
  • Schedule and assign sales orders to employees for picking/shipment
  • Generate Drop Ship order's directly from Sales Order
  • Support for re-assignment
  • My Orders: displays orders assigned to each employee for processing
  • Stock item availability checking
  • Non-Stock Items: You may enter sales orders for non-inventory, and service items.
  • Sale order states: Entered, Approved, Assigned, Picked, Shipped, Invoiced, Completed, Cancelled.
  • Support for Pick and shipping lists, packing slip and invoice.
  • Sales order progress is visible to Web Store customers, to help prevent progress calls
  • Complete online sale order history, with optional notes for each sale order step.
  • One-click re-ordering ( can also  be performed by customer via service centre)
  • Bulk line item import from offline xml database.

Please contact us for additional information on using VillageMall Sale Orders.