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Employee Timesheets

Employee Timesheet  provides enterprise-class time and expense tracking at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions and without the traditional IT investment. Enjoy total visibility of your workforce, their activities, and their efficiency.


  • Customer invoices can automatically be created from approved timesheet records; created invoices contain reference to Client timesheet to accelerate customer payments.
  • Customer Project Management, with Employee and Consultant allocation/authorisation.
  • Projects can be broken down into Tasks, with allocated budgets and % complete tracking.
  • Projects may have assigned Milestones with completed status.
  • Charge by project, item, or employee rates, includes support for fixed rate and non billable.
  • Employee Authentication replaces manual time sheets
  • Tracks attendance times for casual employee payroll payments
  • Tracks leave accumulated and taken.
  • Tracks onsite attendance to meet  OH&S requirements
  • Processes travel expenses, approval and payments.
  • Associate scanned travel expense receipts with each expense claim.
  • Interfaces to Time & Attendance systems via HR-xml.org timecards.
  • Grows with your organisation, suitable for 5 to 1000 employees.
  • Online client-timesheet approvals, or produce printable client-timesheets for manual signature and processing (can also be emailed). Signed client timesheets can be filed within Web Doc, and referenced within Client Invoice.


For Users:
 the easiest way for users to record, timesheet information and track travel expenses.

  • Uncluttered, simple web interface
  • Log time and expenses from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Account, plus password replaces manual signatures.
  • Online access to real-time travel expense processing, approvals and payments.

For Managers:
offers real-time reporting of important project and company data.

  • With just a few clicks, access real-time reports over the web
  • Find out how much time has been spent on specific projects
  • Online approval of timesheets, with drill down to entered data
  • Support for "paper" client-timesheets where online approval are not appropriate or possible. Includes support for multiple customers client-timesheets per employee.
  • Quickly see who has not yet submitted their timesheets, and remind them with the inbuilt secure message service
  • Review and approve employee expenses without paper clutter
  • Flexible billing, and invoicing to support a wide range of work flows.
  • Optional, online client approvals of employee submitted timesheets.

For Decision-Makers:
saves money every month.

  • collects time faster, which means you can invoice and collect more quickly. See measurable results in the first month!
  • affordable with no large upfront expense. Click for details of our pricing structure.
  • You can  be entering your first timesheet within 24 hours of sign-up!

Actually, it takes about an hour, but we'll let you take your time. Since WebLedger is a fully hosted service, there are no servers to connect or software to install. Just enter your users and projects, set up your preferences, and you're ready to go. Since our Timesheet interface is so easy, it takes just a few minutes to train your end-users.

  • Employee expense reporting is one of the most common frustrations for both managers and employees. Why? Because managers want the correct details and format to account for the expenses properly, and to meet regulatory requirements while employees want swift and accurate  reimbursement.
  • With the Expense Tracking Module, employees can get expenses into the system faster and more conveniently than with typical desktop software. Since it's entirely web-based, there's no more waiting to get back to the office - expenses can be entered from home, on the road, anywhere.
  • Approving expense sheets is also a snap. Just like the Timesheet Approval Module, it's as easy as logging in, seeing the outstanding approval queue and clicking approve. All travel expense receipts can be filed and associated with each expense claim. That's it. Once approved, expenses will appear automatically within payroll or employee purchases and client  invoicing.

  • If you're using timesheets to generate pays or invoices, odds are you'll need some kind of approval system.
  • For many companies, this consists of printing out a paper timesheet and dropping it in a manager's or customers inbox. And for many companies, that works perfectly fine. But what about accountability and a reliable paper trail? What about quick turnarounds when employees aren't in the same location?
  • That's why we developed a different kind of timesheet approval system. The Timesheet Approvals module adds real accountability and an audit trail, but is just as easy as dropping a paper timesheet in an inbox.
  • For timekeepers, submitting a timesheet is simple - there's no need to designate a timesheet manually, since they're predefined by timesheet period. Just select the one you wish to submit, glance at the entries to be sure they're accurate, and click "Submit for Approval". Automatically, your timesheet is queued for approval.
  • When an authorised managers  (or optional client) log in, they can see which timesheets have been submitted and waiting approval. Approving or rejecting a timesheet takes just a click. Need more detail? Drill down into any timesheet with a click.
  • We even support printing or emailing client-timesheets for those clients who are not online (yes they do exist).
  • Approvals can be optionally turn off for micro business owners, and turned on as the company grows, and control over approval of time and expenses is required.

Why VillageMall ?

We listen to our Users

  • 90% of VillageMall's new feature development comes from user requests. We listen to customers around the world to learn what it takes to build a better timesheet, because they use our products every single day. Employee timesheet is the result of over 5 years of working with our customers.
  • Our business depends on ongoing subscription revenue. Every month, we need to demonstrate outstanding value to our customers in order to keep your business. That's plenty of motivation to keep innovating and improving VillageMalls Business Solutions.

World class customer support

  • Most customer-support issues are resolved within hours, not days. Our email support hotline is available 24/7 and our support contract customers enjoy access to telephone support during business hours. We understand that our products are used in your billing, payroll, and/or project management, so we know that a timesheet problem could mean a delay in a paycheque or an invoice. That's why we take support seriously and why we've received such praise from customers for our prompt and friendly assistance.