WebLedger Professional Web-Based Accounting

Now you can do your payroll online, eliminating tedious and time-consuming paperwork, phone calls and faxes! Whether you’re a small to medium sized business owner with payroll processing, tax filing or HR management needs, or an accountant looking for the best payroll service for your clients, we’ve got a comprehensive and affordable payroll solution for you.
VillageMall in association with its partners offers an online payroll service, fully integrated with Web Ledger accounting. Web-Payroll is an outsourced payroll service operated by our partners on behalf of the companies, using Web Ledger Payroll services.

The payroll service performs all key payroll functions, including wage and salary calculations, benefit and tax deductions, electronic payments and deposits, group certificates, and superannuation payments. WebLedger also generates payment requests (Bills) for each of your employees funds, you pay them just like any other supplier ( designed to meet the proposed employee directed superannuation payments).

Any casual ( hourly) or overtime payments are collected and processed from the Timesheets module after management approval.

Employees, the company or the partner may enter time records. All the information entered will automatically flow into payroll so that you can easily calculate accurate pay checks without time-consuming double entry. And, all payroll information instantly updates WebLedger Accounting. And, you never have to worry about subscribing to, or installing new tax tables. All tables are updated automatically whenever changes occur.

Payroll includes:

  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Handles salary, hourly, employees
  • Allows flexible pay periods
  • Calculates earnings and deductions
  • Always current ATO tax tables 
  • Handles superannuation payments
  • Calculates and tracks sick and vacation time
  • Process pay cheques, or bank transfers
  • Generates Superannuation Payment Reports ( required June 2003).
  • Generates ATO end of year Payment Summary files.

Web Payroll Benefits

By joining Web-Payroll you can gain access to the following benefits:
  • Automatic calculation and optional electronic payment of wages, leave and termination entitlements
  • Automatic calculation and optional electronic payment of PAYG Withholding tax, superannuation and other deductions
  • Prompt production of payslips and Payment Summaries and electronic lodgement of tax office copies
  • Electronic transmission of payments to employee's bank accounts, eliminating the need to make up pay envelopes, write cheques or obtain signatures
  • Payroll time is reduced enabling you to work on more profitable activities
  • Flexible payroll solutions designed to meet your business needs
  • Comprehensive reporting for management, costing and statutory compliance
  • Telephone access to payroll consultants
  • Full Web Solution - all payroll data is available online and the freedom of processing online timesheets at a suitable time
  • A service partnership that grows with your needs
  • Peace of mind that payments and records are accurate

How Web-Payroll Works

Payroll can be complex, but with Web-Payroll, we reduce the management of your payroll to simple, straightforward steps.
  • What You Do - Advise Web-Payroll of your timesheet information either via the Online Timesheet, or fax. We provide a straightforward User Guide, online timesheets and telephone support to assist you.
  • What We Do - Just about everything else, from:
       •  Calculating wages automatically;
       •  Keeping track of leave history, entitlements, allowances,
    deductions, superannuation, tax;
       •  Electronic payment of staff into their bank accounts;
       •  Payment of superannuation and tax.
Web-Payroll is able to relieve you of having to deal with the myriad of ins and outs of the payroll process.
Enter employee data, or allow employees to enter their own data for your approval. 
Web-Payroll does all calculations and produces payslips, payments and deduction payments
You have access to all payroll information online ( in real time), and may print payslips locally or have them delivered to you. 
Web-Payroll can arrange for payment of Withholding Tax, Superannuation and employee deductions and direct payment to employees accounts.

Company: By outsourcing your payroll you will have more time to concentrate on building a successful business.
Partner: Offer more efficient outsourcing services and professional advise. Clients can move to other accounting services without any system, or data changes.

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